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  1. and you're right in everything you said ... it is extremely frustrating to have to play with low level character to acquire adena. I want adena + exp + sp to farm with my warlock lv 45, but I can not ... not to mention that it is not feasible to use SS in my pet ... SP? I do not need to talk ... Monsters giving 250 SP in up solo level 45 ... Each magic and passive asks for 140k on lv 44. I have to play 4 hours to get 1 skill ... Will I need to play 1 week to get everything on level 44?
  2. my friend, i hate this bug... realy, my money gone for this shi.......t
  3. This happens all the time. Is it a bug or something that can be disabled?
  4. i use spiritshot to up, but if i have any blessed in my bag, is activated... i need desactive this, i dont can use blessed to up, only for PVP. help!
  5. i dont understanding, we can get same SP in lv 56+? for what? quest? hard leveling?
  6. i dont ready nothing?... "and i only use this scroll for take 1 lv+30% (lv 43+70% to lv 45)" i up ALL DAYS, in 2 hours i take 60k sp in Cruma...
  7. ALL FRIENDS in my circle need SP to buy various skills... this is a problem, a big problem. and i only use this scroll for take 1 lv+30% (lv 43+70% to lv 45) and i need buy 10 skills (i thing so...) if i play 5 hours in up day, i can buy 1 skill for day... i realy need 10 days to buy all skills?... but, in 10 days i can take lv 48... more 10 skills or more?
  8. Having daily XP quests is great, but no SP quests are totally expendable and infeasible. Do not buy skills by bursting XP Scrolls makes it horrible, why the hell do XP Scrolls exist in such abundance and there is NOTHING to SP? We need something focused on SP, an event mission or some daily reward for SP increase! 4 or 5 hours for day in up spots to give 1 skill/passive... we REALY need MORE SP!
  9. Adena sellers loved this news. Now more players will buy adena black market or use bots to farm ... that magnificent choice NC Soft, perfect choice!
  10. Hey boys, i need buy a D top weapon for my mage, i only can pay 1,9kk in this weapons. i choose atuba or ghost staff? if any friend have this weapons to sell for 1,9kk, informe me please! in-game Belatriix / Lestrange / Oriion or msg here!
  11. You do not know how to read? I was dead when I finished my buff of the event, I did not win the box because of that. give an idea or stay quiet!
  12. i use a buff lv 3 for receive a gift box, dont work....-.another ideia? or i lost my gift box?
  13. Before receive my box about halloween event, i die. for this, i dont receive my gift. i reload 3 times, close client, w8 1 hours and reload after this. nothing... any help about this?
  14. in candy box i take a enchant Weapon D grade, but this enchant dont pass in trade... my friend tell me about this, if i enchant my weapon using this enchant, my weapon no pass in trade anymore? realy?
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