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  1. Summoner skills level after 40?

    damn you are right
  2. Is the summoner good?

    the best option at the moment
  3. Summoner Gear?

    i think elemental summoners can open his way nuking until 48 but i recomend you run around as melee , is slow but constant and cheap
  4. Merrow question

    at the moment all you need is the SB for u own cubic plus spirit sharing
  5. how good is warlock at pve and mass pvp ?

    1 - yes and still strong as i can see 2 - no but i realy feel it unedded
  6. Dark Avenger Support Box

    PP is the top suport for box at the moment
  7. Warlock vs Elemental Summoner

    the warlok is no exelent but good in evrything kay, the cat is stronger about patack , Binding Cubic is the strongest cubic in pvp at the moment and late on game when relase the queen cat at 77 is a great help the extra focus DW. on another hand the elemental summoner is a strong pvp, class good casting, slef empower for pet but he will become a monster on pvp when NC relase the summon 77 aoe nuck is very powerfull , 1vs1 u can stun
  8. Way to make adena

    Hello, there is some way where if you dedicate about an hour a day you can generate money? like playing a Bounty Hunter or somthing?