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  1. With 'drivers' I think he meant that when one person gets tired another gets in the account and continues to grind with the same character, like truck drivers. It's a well known tryhard method from illegal servers.
  2. With this he means "you're not a nolifer with high level of autism to grind like robots as we do". People that tryhard this much, putting the game over health and life just to accomplish some kind of "glory" in a game.. It just shows how defeated they're in life.
  3. Oh yay, getting scammed is so fun.. Buying something from an AFK character is almost the same thing as buying from an NPC, therefore this 'contact with the seller' is non existent, the seller won't even know who bought his stuff. Imagine someone that has only 1 to 2 hours to play daily, do you think this person would want to spend this time walking in town reading bubbles and double clicking dwarfs searching for items, then teleporting to another town and repeating the process? And in the end, sometimes you don't even find what you want, so you just waste your time for nothing.. Man I lov
  4. Mhm, or maybe they're octopus-like aliens.. hurr durr
  5. My dude, I think I've replied you before.. And I'll say the same thing again.. Lineage 2's world is too small for this ammount of players, in fact, if we had 6K ppl really playing it would be too small already.. If you squeeze out AFKs, private stores, fishermen, and multiboxing, the number of actual players would be arround 2500 or 2k.. The solution for this problem is easy but noone seems to give a damn about it, some don't even want it for some stupid reason.. Auction Houses.. It doesn't need to be global AHs, each town can have an individual AH(eg: if you place an item selli
  6. They just opened another server named 'Gludio'.. I think they're wasting money renting servers, these population issues should be solved another way.. Aden isn't even getting queues.
  7. Just got kicked out of the queue now.. Same sh*t happening again.. Well done NC.. Well done...
  8. Anyone else getting this problem again? Just waited for the 3rd time in a 300 players queue(about 10 mins of queue) and when I got to character selection.. 'Your client will be closed'.. Un-f*cking-believable..
  9. Maximum of 2 box(at least for now), that would already get some fishermen out of the server. Auction Houses instead of thousands of private stores taking server space..(I don't know why, but L2 community seems to have some extreme oldfagism on this topic, even when they can't bring a valid point to the table, they'll still go against the idea) As for the event, as marcysiek suggested, you should at least need to hit the boss to get the benefits.
  10. Lineage 2 world is too small for 20k players.. In fact, if we had 6k active players, it would be too small already. If we remove all the offline shops, AFKs, and multibox, the actual numbers would be arround 2500 of people really playing.
  11. 2 toons per PC is fine. A Prophet/Warcryer is needed, it's kinda impossible to play without buffs in this game. You can easily bypass this by opening a private store and putting anything for a ridiculous price(eg: 1 arrow selling for 1million adena). Your shop would stay up forever since noone will pay for that, therefore you would be online till servers restart.. This game needs Auction Houses, the ammount of toons sitting in town with private stores up is insane.. AHs are plain improvement.. The chances of newbies getting scammed for mats(or any item in general) would d
  12. The queue is slower due the fact that people aren't getting kicked out of it(fixed 'Your client will be closed' issue). The problem is: with these huge queues, more and more people will start leaving their characters logged in so they don't have to face queues when comming back to play, that means less server space for active players, therefore we'll have slower and gigantic queues, the snowballing process have started.. NC needs to do something fast or this will become a turn off for many players.. It's been about 3 hours I'm on a queue.. Got into a 1300 queue and as I'm writing thi
  13. Are we 'on something' just for proposing not only a logical/QOL change but also something that would help the servers? At least is just Giran, and tbh I don't know why players still set up stores, Naia didn't had many stores when I used to play(don't know about now), but I know that Chronos have plenty for some reason. You have all the rights to prefer stores, but saying that I'm 'on something' and not giving any valid point as to why it should be only stores, is kinda odd.
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