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  1. I am present and certify that I consented to put my name and write the letter. Addrilyn
  2. Problems with the keyboard language

    I want to insist on this post, not being able to write correctly widely harms custom and deforms in language, I would like to know if there is a solution or there will be one to use my language in the game, essentially, the use of the letter ñ and the accents.
  3. Good afternoon. I would like to know how aggression interacts with the characters. In other versions of classic, the skill attracted the characters in PVP to whoever launched the aggression, but in this server it does not seem to affect the pj.
  4. Good afternoon. I speak English and Spanish, inside the game, I can not use tildes (') or the letter enie (ñ) ... ... I went to the nc soft language configuration, I changed it to Spanish and it still does not work. How can I configure the keyboard to use my language?