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  1. Lineage II - June Preview

    Was joking, small trolling ;-)
  2. Lineage II - June Preview

    Why Red Libra again? :-( We want Shirt Promo now! ;-p
  3. B> +8 PvE Robe set

    Outdated Enchanted my own +10 set :-). WTB bloody eternal stones :-P
  4. 14th Anniversary Celebration Overview

    I am not really sure what kind of "sweet, sweet surprises" we had today on Naia... But was actually nice to see you in game after about a year.
  5. B> +8 PvE Robe set

  6. B> +8 PvE Robe set

  7. B> +8 PvE Robe set

    As title says. Pm here or in game Int3r or Int3rcity.
  8. S> Mage Weapon & Armor

  9. S> Mage Weapon & Armor

    Hello, 1. +6 Blessed Eternal Robe Set, full elemental resistance, Vesper Noble appearane - 7b 2. +12 Blessed Requiem Buster (500 M.Atk.!), 300 Wind (but I can change upon request), 2x SA lvl8 (+15% M Crit Damage!), SoM appearance - 7b Re.2. I compared this weapon with Enhanced Shadow Retributer (which is much more expensive!) and the Buster deals higher overal dmg! Selling only because I got +12 PvE. PM here or in game: Int3r or Int3rcity Thanks!

    About craft shops: - blessed items are possible - double craft is possible - your own LUC only matters In short: there is no difference at all between self craft and at the shop. Maybe except two things: - you do not loose MP when you craft at the shop -you have to pay a fee when you craft at the shop
  11. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    Still no info about Red Libra? :-(
  12. Red Libra

    +++ Red Libra asap!
  13. Giant's Critical Weakness

    Sorry, I just realized that I am talking about giant's critical damage (5 min self buff) which is really working only with p crit. For giant's critical weakness (the debuff) I am not sure unfortunately. I hope someone who tested it will confirm this.
  14. WTB> +12 Bloody Mage Weapon

    As title says. PM or mail in game Int3r or Int3rcity. Thanks.
  15. Giant's Critical Weakness

    No, it does not work with magic skills.