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  1. Oly Totally Unbalanced

    Hello guys, I work for a Game Magazine in US and I have few comments about the current patch of L2 (Salvation). 1- Ertheia Mage hide skill. She can use hide 100% of the time and you cannot target her. 2- Insane Kelbin and Topaz should be excluded from Oly as they did in the other servers. With Insane Kelbin and Topaz some classes can win a match avoiding combat. 3- ISS transformation skill has been landing 100% of time even in players with higher levels using Garnet Lv5. I believe that Oly was created to evaluate the skills of players fighting each other, but what we have now is: Players hiding 100% of the time...using Tanzanite Lv6 each 10 seconds, and killing you with Topaz and Insane Kelbin. I will post a topic in our magazine about L2 next week and my final opinion about this game is: Totally unbalanced. Thanks