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  1. An Update on Greater Dyes

    I wonder if u really decided to not improve it or u could not fix it,since before it was a bug and now it's a "feature of this classic version". Anyway if u dont add this,then i guess u would not add runes for same reason,so i would stop call it "classic" because u are making a custom version. Better or worst i dont know,but for sure one would expect to know about key things like this BEFORE he pick a class..but anyway,u have what u pay for,i pay 0 so this is the quality i can expect.
  2. Since server is full of bots and nobody will do anything about it (even if map is so little and it would take probably 10 minutes..), at least if we had the chance of dropping from them we as players would hunt them more actively and they would not be so easy in their botting. More than this,we'll not see people botting with +++ weapons cos they could drop it. It would not solve the problem but for sure it would make it a little more risky to bot and it would push ppl to "keep server "clean". Yesterday i bother myself to kill 2 groups,but in the end i just wasted my time since i gained nothing and they just lose some exp,that is the thing they care less.