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  1. Hello Airwolf In 2 days, you realize that the economy is in trouble ... Probably you will not be able to pay for the SS and BSS. So you should be prepared to level up a lot without soulshots. Regarding your weapon and your armor, you can use the strategy of leveling alternative characters, that is, create elf tanks or elemental summoners to farm adenas. Leave the characters in the macro for several days. You are likely to farm ~ 1kk per day from each character farming in Ruins of Agony. Besides that, you also should level your owns buffers. I think other players can advic
  2. Hello, I found a solution. Into Options> Configure, disable "support game pad". I hope this will help others players in future. Regards
  3. Hello After I installed the new NC Launcher, the camera start to rotate pointing to sky. My character also won't stop to move. I already restarted the notebook, unpluged mouse, restarted configurations " in options menu", removed L2.ini, fully rechecked the game. Any ideias to solved? Regards
  4. piazita


    Hello The teleport "Dark elf village" > "Swampland North" is not working properly. It's getting very far away from the point in the teleport map. Regards
  5. Hello My suggestion is to Spectra Slash Stage have a counter over the skill debuff, so we can be prepare to use Dancing Phanton Blade and Phanton Slasher as soon the stage reach level 3. Thx
  6. Hello I'm a Othell Fortune Seeker level 87. Where is the best spoil spots from level 85 till 95? Anyone knows a spoils guide? Thank you
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