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  1. Hello everyone, long story short I've been a l2 player for many years, and returned to check on classic during its launch, but quit soon enough. Now I was thinking of giving it a second chance, but not hardly competitive this time, just few hours per week, a main class and a pp box, proceeding in my own tempo. So my questions are, which class would be the most suitable for this soloing case (ye I know pony but hate it). And most importantly , which server has the healthiest condition, population and economy wise. When I started I did so on Talking Island, but the corruption was seen pretty quickly, so now I'm probably thinking of Giran. (Just a side not for my first question, the classes I'd be fond of trying would be HK, ST, ET, GH and maybe the kamael melee if it'd be viable. I'm always open for suggestions though) Thank you for your time!! ^-^
  2. Main problem of the whole game = bots. Queue? Bots Unfair gameplay? Bots Economic disturbance? Bots Everything is revolving around bots, yet people are still fighting over drops and queue. Chill, there won't be an interest in playing this game in few months due to bots. Administration doing nothing for this, random account locks due to programs the antibot system takes for "bottings". It will literally take GM a 2 min walk in 2-3 areas to spot DOZENS OF BOTS. Whole server knows about the queens of bots echoKinetics, it takes a blind man to not see the purest example of botting a whole party, yet GMs just letting them pass?! NCsoft really not carrying about their community, first week low drops for people to buy vip, 2nd week queues, prolly new vip will be implemented, boxing seems bad for the server so prolly vip will also required for boxing in order to solve this expected crowd problem, new server won't open since ncsoft knows that all this population will decay during the next months so no extra spendings. Money grabbing at its finest, a great company plan - still I personally don't care about your greedy issues, milk me all the way, I've already purchased vip4 on my 3 boxes. But for the love of me at least make the gameplay worth it!