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  1. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Dont you guys start to realize the queues are just a way of making money? I wasted 30€ that are a big need for my day by day and still I have queues of 50-200 ppl as VIP lvl 3 but they end really faster comparing to my another account that has no queue, on that one I can't log in for 3 weeks because I log it at 9 am and even trying to play from office, after 18:30 that's when I leave its still in queue so when I arrive home I have 1k players new queue... RIDICULOUS!!!! So this is the way to make a "free to play" in a "pay to play" server which will start making people leave, just saying ..
  2. Why are BOT not banned?

    Probably for players count / make server look a lot full like on private servers
  3. Impact - Greek/International Clan (Giran)

    @Jynxz it says you cannot recieve messages dunno why .. So I'll paste what I wrote you in PM, Hi there, My name is Davide Im portuguese and Im playing an archer/wc (I mean I hope they'll be that classes one day ) Both low lvl yet (17/14), due to the queue and not using VIP stuff I have delays of 500-1k people.. So sometimes I arrive home and when its almost ready to play I have to go rest lol. Im playing normally after work/gym, which is after 21.00 GMT+0 until 23.00 - 00.00 GMT+0 then at weekends more hours depending if I have something to do outside or not. I play L2 for around 14 years so I know how the stuff is around, I do use TS, Discord etc if needed and my english is fluent speaking or writting. Do I have a chance to join you guys? Cheers!
  4. Where do i see my VIP Status ?

    Oh that sucks then, I meant inside the game already, cant print you it tho, Im still in queue with 800 ppl ahead of me so .. guess I won't log today.
  5. Where do i see my VIP Status ?

    Im not completly sure but I guess if you hit the "VIP" button on the left middle side of the screen you'll check that there
  6. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    I guess if you have something free that wont let you try it firstly for FREE then it won't tempt you to just buy something, I basically never played official and now that I came here alone and try something different even willing to waste some euros monthly for helping server, I kinda lose that will just for logging on a Sunday morning finally when Im tired of working 6 days in a row and then .. 750 people in a queue... AFK 5 hours Just not to mention that in like 2 weeks I was able to log like 5 times, logging at my office (work) and wait for the lunch break to have the luck of playing for like 30 minutes. Cmon guys do something, even being VIP or not everyone deserves to play..
  7. LF Clan (Talking Island)

    Dunno why I couldnt edit my own post so I wanted to double-post editing say I wanted to say I play Giran server not TI !
  8. Client Error

    Hehe sry oki
  9. Client Error

    Oh ok, will do so, thank you. (Offtopic) Btw, guess you're not Vasilidis who played with me on lionna/era etc or are you? @vasidi2
  10. LF Clan (Talking Island)

    Hi there, Solo player who plays after work and stuff (1-4 hours a day) lf english/inter clan/friends. Lv 14 orc shaman (to go WC) / Lv 15 human fighter (to go archer) Im portuguese so GMT+0 Kind regards, Davide.
  11. Client Error

    Same here, my current time is 15:35 (Im at Portugal so GMT+0), is server the problem or just us?
  12. Server queue

    I can understand that who buys VIP stuff is helping server surviving and etc but still.. Its ridiculous that I wake up and try to log at work and still have 1k players after me and a friend who has VIP acess says he had 14 people in queue ... You should do something asap or people will start leaving for private servers.
  13. It's monday, fix your game

    Yes its Monday and Im waiting for like a week to be able to play, every time I got 3 hours free for playing it takes 4 waiting on the queue .......... We playing official or its a private random server? Even being a Monday morning out here in Portugal, I gotta log now to wait 3 hours more to play 40 mins at lunch break http://prntscr.com/l685hd