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  1. Thinking in a Paladin

    If you are thinking about solo i wouldnt think of any tank at the current state. With the current adena rates you will be forced to farm w/o shots sooner or later, add that to the already low damage tanks have and imagine how slow the farm will be. Holy weapon + blade wont make up. i tested it on my archer with holy weapon only, the difference is minimal 240 (w/o holy weap) to 250 (with holy weap) The only way i can think for tanks to lvl atm is with parties (aoe for the best results)
  2. Is it possible to build a wall like tanker ?

    What the guy above said, plus Temple Knight has the Healing cubic and his own heal what help you survive longer But as you said, you are not going to kill anything alone if you want a wall build
  3. Queue bug

    Same problem, stuck at place 15 for about 5 hours. Restarted client, place 829, another day of waiting simulator
  4. when was the last time you logged out and log in again? ppl already making threads about vip4 having 100+ queue
  5. tottally agree, was about to start a thread with the exact same thing
  6. Posted 12 minutes ago I HAVE VIP 4 ... never had loggin problem so i never left my character 24/7 online but now i just log in and i got q for 100 people ... damn from another post, so i guess your time is coming too
  7. Capacity. Multiboxing

    cause ppl got bored of queue and stay 24/7 online-afk make that multiply with how many boxes everyone has, it will quicly add up
  8. yesterday giran server, 2082 on queue loged 14:10 got in 23:20