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  1. WTB Ghoul's Staff Head

    Paying 500k each. pm Leopwnz ingame or send me an email.
  2. Sick of people not speaking English

    So start speak in Japanese, since L2 was made there. Youre foreigner too. あなたは吸う
  3. WTS/WTT Ancient Reagent - Top D Mage Weapon!

    Top D Mage Weapon has 79 matk. So its not TOP. Link: https://l2wiki.com/classic/D-grade_Two-Handed_Blunts
  4. XP Bonus dont accumulate

    Hi, I bought Chronicle Pack yesterday and after use some more NCoins i became VIP 4. For being VIP4 i already have +25% XP. Then i used a Rune from Chronicle Pack, giving me +50% XP. After it, i used a Scroll: Regular XP/Boost, +30% XP when hunting. Ok, so after kill a monster my bonus should be +105% XP, but it isnt happening. For example, i killed a Stolen Golem in Talking Island. With all these XP bonus i got 1.002 XP (Bonus: 513 XP). My Bonus was 513 XP, bit more of 50%. The correct Bonus should be: 1.002 x 105% = 1.052 XP. Is it right?