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  1. @kupuldog he accuse me of ksing, in my spot. he came over to me.... if he wanted to fight then lets go but he ran away with his tail between his legs like most people that abuse the button
  2. @kupuldog so its fair to come to someone hunting area with 2 toons and report with both just because you cant find your own ?
  3. hi where can i report bot button report abuse, this guy just tried reporting me just because of ks and him being to slow to kill because he is dwarf.... where can i submit ticket to get these salty/toxic players out? help me out thank you
  4. @Donowankaok thank you for the insight
  5. Hey, just wanted to ask this for my own curiosity not to complain. i havens logged in a few days and now 700+ que with vip 3? have they made login changes, would take a lifetime to find the post from mods so just wondering if anyone could help me out.
  6. @ganjamos well atm i think its 6.5.... i think
  7. the gms are getting a head start on the xping, they have their private toons in http://l2.laby.fr/status/
  8. @akardos not even in last minutes, like just before announcement, i ws getting bugged into walls and mobs coming through walls xd. maybe just some server lag
  9. did anyone notice that mobs where not spawning and some mobs glitched through walls, and targeting system wasnt working properly... or just me
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