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  1. Most wanted in parties are probably BD's and SWS's. For aoe groups mages are wanted and they do need a healer or two and a tank. So far though, I've always found at least one group looking for a random DD.
  2. I think you've answered your own dilemma if you are looking for a way to make some adena.
  3. I feel the drops are enough. I am 29 at the moment with nearly 600k on me, 200k on my box, and I have the low d grade weapon. If I combine and liquify my assets I can probably get the top d weapon by lvl 30-31. That seems very reasonable in my opinion. I am VIP 4 so that is helping with mats, but getting C grade doesn't feel that far-fetched where I'm sitting.
  4. I don't want f2p people to leave either. But we can't disincentivize them either. Hey, you can play for free but not as well as the others who were already having the benefits of xp boosts and shots. Better make friends cause you gonna need it. Some would say, well that's fair, the others are paying. But why bother even trying at that point. Might as well play Live. Technically it's possible to get the gear to fight the top guys, but is it really?
  5. I expect a new server will be opened with the weekly maintenance. So much has happened but the game has only been opened for less than 2 weeks. While it's annoying to have these difficulties, they have been good on answering our woes. They can only operate within the maintenance windows. As for the lack of communication on the forums. There is probably nothing new to say.
  6. That's fine if that's the direction we want to go. Keep in mind that f2p people will be gone as there is no way they can compete. You are right it isn't expensive. So wouldn't everyone just invest a small amount to box. Then we are in the same situation. You know the botters and RMT sellers are going to invest in accounts. NC makes more money and we get the same game.
  7. So you're saying, if NC west can only support up to this point, then we are kinda stuck with what we got, as Korea isn't pitching in. Which would mean we are stuck with limited staff to support us. This is of course all hyperbole as we don't actually know their situation.
  8. So you just throw off the facade and make the game p2w. If that's how we want it then fk yea, lets go!
  9. I'm not discounting your experience. We just move at a million miles per hour compared to what they can offer. It took them so long to respond because they most likely have a couple people working 100k+ tickets. I myself have a ticket open with no response. NCsoft has money you say so hire more people. Keep in mind NCsoft is a Korean company. How much money do they want to throw at a small project in NA. Again, I hear your complaint and it sucks. We are all in the same boat.
  10. Doesn't that make the game more pay to win. I pull out my credit card and buy 9 accounts to play. You don't have the money or don't want to (example). How can you compete against me?
  11. I think people vastly over estimate how many people are working on L2 Classic. I bet it started as a pet project to supplement the live game. You know what some players would love, a classic server to relive their past. Boss ok's it and it goes into development. As a software developer myself, I bet the classic team is made up of less than 10 people. My best guess, a lead and 3 developers.
  12. I mean, it must be acceptable or people wouldn't be in queue. We both know what NC would say. "We are aware of the issues and are working on fixing them as soon as possible." Did you just need affirmation for your feelings?
  13. How do you differentiate those from normal shops? The result is the same. You kick everyone which really hurts the idea of a private store.
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