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  1. Been doing the dungeon of abyss (aden) quest for 2 weeks now. every time that i gather 5 mobs... only 1 quest item is awarded. why is that when i kill multiple enemys they only award me 1 quest item? i switched to blunt and i make the quest faster than killing in groups. @Hime No group of monsters give me more than 1 quest item per group kill. sometimes i stun them and leave them with low hp, then kill them manually 1 by 1 and a lot of times from a group of 4 monsters, i get 3 quest items. is this a bug or what?
  2. Who are the developers? are they responsable? how can we know that they are really getting our discontent about a lot of issues? how can we speak to them without being just another message on a forum? #whoisresponsable
  3. Where is NcWest located at? can i just drop by and say "Hi guys i purchased a vip 4 for a classic experience and i have yet not been able to enjoy what you promoted how can you solve this for me"?
  4. Hey guys. i was just wondering, is there any logical reason why we dont know the exact rate of the server? or maybe the % of drop/spoil/exp? Also, the raid bosses why are so strong in this server? everybody is posting about adena problems, rate problems etc etc etc.... but i just wonder, maybe is a logical reason for this, so.. why? Is the information bad enough to discourage people from keep playing? or its strategy related? its not sarcasm, it could be great to have a sincere awnser.
  5. i went to a catacomb last week to "see", the mobs are there, i also took a screenshot. but today i passed right next to one catacomb and it was closed.
  6. I can confirm that Death FIre spoil is NOT 32%. i have spent 3 days ther only farming those (For the dwarven edges). we set up chars sitting in each corner of the fire side of FT with a full party, and we put a 10 minute alarm to start targeting the monster. (aprox. respawn time), we have killed at least 25 each day, we only got 4. 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you belive it? lol, 1 of my friends left the server to play a private one.... we thought we could get enough to craft 3 poles to keep up with the leveling, we still cant.
  7. It really doesnt matter what lvl i am, if they dont work why even put them in the game, or worst... sell them to you? I really hope there is no "CAP" in the xp and its just a bug. they actually sold me a "50% xp rune" i been using for the past days and as i look into this, it does not even give exactly +50%. And with carefull look into each item, all of them states that they work, regardless of something else. so, i really hope its a bug and i can get back all the xp buffs i used this days. @Hime
  8. Hi, i want to know if buffs are not working... im getting bonus xp half of the total amount when im using the folowing: 1) Rune xp 50% 2) Angel cat energy 20% 3) attendance reward 10% 4)Scroll regular xp 30% 5)special fruit buff 5% 6) clan fortune 3% is there a cap for 50% buff in the server?
  9. Hi, i might be wrong about this but i make this thread in order to get knowladge from more experienced players. I used to play lineage 2 back in the days and we used to do raid bosses with 2 partys MAX. usually with 1 party was ok... but... why in this server the raid bosses have HUGE hp, HUGE atk? Are they eddited or something? is this intentional? i saw 5 partys hitting the same raid boss yesterday and they couldnt touch his hp... of course all died. sorry for bad english
  10. is the classic launch pack 2400Ncoin counts towards classic VIP program? if i buy the launch pack, when i activate it i will be vip 3? thank you!
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