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  1. Still waiting on the fix here... ticket remains open (which is at least somewhat of a silver lining to the event, as if it just suddenly was closed.. i'd be outright irritated).
  2. Extensions are pointless if the problem is never solved.... they could make it lifetime for all i care... but it's irrelevant when the people the extension is likely to be for.... are those that can't ever get it due to a bug in their system
  3. still got a problem as well
  4. PGC1801... or "This item has limited purchase, please check requirements" This has been an ongoing issue with the same identical "automatic response". Would REALLY like to get my pack... and no further responses to the submitted ticket regarding the issue. I also agree that the system is making the assumption that the pack was already purchased (when it clearly hasn't). If need be, someone needs to be promoted within ncsoft to either handle these on a one on one case, at the VERY least processing the 2400nc coin (or 800nc coin) transactions per submittion provided the c
  5. meanwhile likely hundreds of us can't purchase the pack at all still and no resolution has been provided. What i REALLY don't get, is why the hell they don't just make it an "event" item in the l2 store list within the game, 2400nc coin, pay it and boom, go fetch and done, no problems right? Trying to buy outside of the game seems to be full of screw ups and failures. I've been trying to get it prior.... during, and usually twice a day or more since launch with no success.
  6. I honestly thing most people with the problem such as myself, I've tried to pre-order it for classic, then tried to order it on the day, and every day since and it refused with Error PGC1801 and then "only one per account" and then whatever the requirements error is. I've submitted report to support for account issues and got the exact same response as bambucza
  7. 4K 28" isn't bad at around 2-3ft from display. While the text will seem absurdly small, if you actually focus without straining, it's clear and readable, most people just see such a huge difference that they just presume they can't read it at all. Eventually you get use to it. If you don't have 20/20 vision or better, it'll become a real problem.
  8. As i said in the other thread, i've attempted to purchase it before the october launch with no success.... then after and about 30 other times since (usually twice a day every day or more). I've send in support ticket under "account issues" and the report back was : Honestly no clue what to do...
  9. Funny... i've been trying to buy it since before the Oct 3rd launch.... and was getting errors.... and i figured ncsoft was just buggering up per usual, only thing to do is wait it out.... then i tried to purchase it after the initial launch, and figured they were just over burdened... then i tried to purchase it about 30 additional times since october 3rd with either an error PGC1801 error to which upon pressing ok, would just reload the page... and then it just stated limited availability which would then reload the page with the statement under the package i was attempting to pu
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