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  1. 1 minute ago, iGeologics said:
    I agree, with you, in my opinion they would also be 4 hours or even only 3, and if they want to re-leave the character fishing, they will re-log the account.
    The solutions are easy, the sooner they do, the more money Ncsoft will earn, since part of their business with the sellers of adena, is being lost, they have to open their minds to the top positions of the company, and be aware that they have a company, in which without investment and good maintenance they will not get all the benefits that you could have, they could be earning double with the people who have vip.
    The AFK do not give money, do not give exp, do not give items.
    AFKs give problems, queues, and exit of VIP players from the server.


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  2. 2 minutes ago, PixyLicks said:

    just looked the client you can pick 1920 by 1080 32 bit if you are running in full screen mode it will set it at that



    Thank you very much, did this work for me, did I open a way to work in window mode? game with 2 accounts, my main and the buffer and it is a bit of a pain in the ass to change the screen with alt + tab xD

  3. 4 hours ago, Artabro said:

    Acabo de volver despues de 10 años, ahora con classic empiezo de 0 y busco gente con la que reaprender.
    Llevo mas de 15 años jugando tanks en diversos MMORPG aunque me adapto ( y por favooooor ) al rol que necesite la guild, ya que aún soy nivel bajo por culpa de las colas de entrada.
    Soy una persona codial y colaboradora (mi barba ya peina canas). 

    Espero compañeros desde mi rinconcito de Galicia

    Ostia, xa somos dous por estas terras de Giran haha, dame Pm ingame o algo y vamos hablando! un saludo desde Ribeira ( Cerca de Santiago de Compostela)

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