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  1. Where was the issue? Interuption skills were ALWAYS able and supposed to interrupt any skill use including targetless skills and self buffs. Somebody please explain this madness.
  2. SERVERS UNSTABLE FIX IT. random characters are disconnecting from different sides of the country. this is server side
  3. Ncsoft wrongfully banning legit players

    IT IS TOTALLY CALLED FOR. stop defending their unacceptable actions for no reason Far as I know, most of the people that make these posts either get their accounts back or leave the game after the insult. If you dont call that Sadistic or retarded business practice, what would you call it? Mistakes are not what is happening here as it is intentional. "your account was caught in our regular account security review"
  4. Ncsoft wrongfully banning legit players

    Shut up. Stop attacking every person that has no idea why NC banned them. They have no reason other than NC is full of sadistic jerks or complete idiots. I was one of the banned innocents. My accounts were returned with a rubber stamp apology after they made me feel horrible and unable to play for 2 weeks. It has taken a month to even try and catch up to my friends. I AM NOT HAPPY WITH THIS TREATMENT. Give them credit after they start trying to do their job. The term is overhead not pulling money from their pocketbooks. Overhead refers to the costs associated with running a business. When you skip out on doing your job right you can cut costs. This also results in a poor product. If they actually did their jobs well I would be paying more than the base minimum. I love this game and would happily pay thousands for it if done right. This is a list of things they should have already done: Change game text limited to exclusively normal english letters, caps, numbers and symbols. This prevents people from skipping the character limit and cuts down on the spam. Change general chat to have a delay of 1 second before sending. During this time the text line is scanned for an ever increasing list of variable ways to spell w vv w {dot} adenaher e . com. ban anything instantly that tries to say the name of a website for 1 day, perma ban if repeated on the same account. After some time this will prevent adena spammers from ever getting their name out to players. Change ingame mail system to always cost 5k per mail. prevents adena spam in mail while still allowing players the ability to use it. Those changes would take a day at most to implement and would fix the adena spam so we dont need to get angry at it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hire more people. When you say you are experiencing an above avg volume of tickets 24/7 365days per year, you do not have enough staff. There should be at least 1 live NCsoft character in every major town that would be able to see the current adena spammers, and the sell stores that announce gold sites. This is not rocket science, nor is it pulling money from NC's shareholder's pocketbooks. This is part of the cost of running an MMO and if ran correctly the game would easily cover the added costs. This is purely a suggestion but I feel it needs to be said. Officially sell adena at a rate based off the current state of the game. why should some random person get this money instead of the company running the game. Yes care needs to be taken to ensure that this does not over inflate the market. There are little better options for NC to be selling given that if they attempt to sell destruction enchants over half the playerbase will quit. It is not like anything would change player side, people already buy adena, the only difference would be that it is now allowed. NC had more than a 10 hour gap of no forum mods while some guy issued death threats and demanded staff home addresses. I see a person in game right now with a clan named horsecock with a bleep for a tag. No I am not going to spend my life reporting this so NC can sit on it for weeks while they ban accounts purely at random hoping to hit cheaters.
  5. 10+ hours without mods

    Real Lineage 2 is something that people want to pay for. This is proven by the fact that we are paying for VIP so we can log in to the fake version of the game we loved. Holidays have always been the most likely time for rule breaking. 10 straight hours of no mods is not acceptable and outright stupid for a forum of 1000+ members. Every clan in the game that has their own forum would have handled that guy sooner. Defend a company when their actions are worth defending. There should never be even a 15 minute gap in time where there are no access to mods on a 24/7 service used by over 1000 people. Dota 2. you pay for esport team hype and cosmetic items. you can gain nothing of statistical ingame value match regardless of how much you pay.
  6. It should be 1 Client per PC

    cry more and git gud. real L2 players know how to play every single class in the game at the same time
  7. Wednesday the 21st? Edit: Shhhhhh
  8. Known Issue: VIP Daily Box Tier 1 Missing from the Store

    please do not bring the servers down to fix this...
  9. Known Issue: VIP Daily Box Tier 1 Missing from the Store

  10. Sad to see another person capable of playing 9 leave. Playing an entire party by yourself is a long term and extremely challenging way to play. It takes significantly longer before you feel rewarded for your efforts. My "BD" and "SWS" have been tumors on my exp for over a month as they still can not provide anything for my party You shouldn't try to force other people to play the game your way. Not everybody likes the feeling of "cant play anymore because the CP's healer quit." 9 box solo party is done so you know you will always have everything you need, without worrying about other people leaving you. I myself plan to party with others, after I have a full team of supports so I can fill any party gaps at any time. It will take months to get there. Being constantly called a bot and cheater undermines all of the very real and hard work that is achieved by multiboxing. We pay for each individual account, require 9 times the exp for levels and need to do 9 ungodly painful class quests. Really hope @Juji can start doing something about this harassment as it happens EVERY DAY.
  11. Suspicious activity

    "never once been worried?" time to start because you are just as safe from these bans as I was. There is no way to tell if the forum posts are false bans or not because they DO ban legit paying players as well as cheaters. I had 3 accounts banned on day 2 of the game. 7 days later they removed the ban because they confirmed that I had in fact done nothing wrong. 1 day later they banned my other 3 accounts that I couldnt make for that entire week. After the weekend was over, they removed the ban because I had done nothing wrong. My accounts are now all playable with all bans lifted. They gave me a rubber stamp apology for wasting my time and nothing else. I had taken time off work so I could enjoy the game with my friend. I am STILL over 10 levels behind him and unable to party to help close the gap. These regular account security reviews do not care if you are cheating or not. They will tell you nothing about why you do not have access to the support page. Your only option is to email appeal@ncsoft.com and wait until they remove the block.
  12. Will there be any assistance to those of us that were incorrectly blocked game access by your regular account security reviews? We were prevented from logging in for several days denying us the chance of claiming all the rewards.
  13. @Juji what happened with all the chat defaults? https://i.imgur.com/9qTHv2C.png General does not have everything checked on No chat window defaults Hero Shout on making it worthless. ` COMMAND chat has doubled its name as Alliance to just add confusion. I want to put my talking chat in the 6 line limited "System message window" and the system messages in the 20 line box so I can read what happens in the game. I liked the addition of this window with the exception that I cant make it bigger /discuss professionalism
  14. Dont talk as if this is supposed to be before C2. You would not have something as basic as CP. Blazing Swamp would be as on fire as the Swampland. There would be no such thing as epic boss jewels. "Quest mobs" would still give full exp/drops causing the biggest tear festivals ever. magic crits would be 1 update away from existing and deal 4x damage once per week "Go away." Unless we somehow manage to improve our version then we will have the same skills the euro classic wiki lists. Some songs/dances can level up to level 2 and gain 73 mp cost. RIP mp from stacking costs Where is my dragon that allowed me to fly to the top tower spike of heine and jump for 6m+ fall damage. WHERE IS MY ADORABLE PET mpsupply CHICKEN WITH 2 HEADS?
  15. YAHOO Elven long sword. 8+ years of L2. This is the first time I ever had a weapon drop that was better than my current equipment. This was well earned and long in the waiting.