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  1. I work in esports/gaming advertising and marketing and when your player base is falling off you schedule events/promotions that reward people for playing more often, not an afk function. We call this type of campaign a "re-engagement campaign". An AFK fishing event is a "disengagement campaign". This is a very simple concept.
  2. Sooo people are quitting the game left and right and you start an event that actually encourages people not to play? Wow.... @Hime @Juji
  3. yeah I glitch jumped over a hill about ten minutes ago too. Somehow I'm not worried about being banned..... I didn't personally try it anyway.. but people did and it appears to work.
  4. Yes there is a glitch. I just found out what it is and we tried and it works. What a joke NCSoft. This will effect the servers forever now. You can't take this one back. Sooooooo ridiculous.
  5. Everything is faster you are a tank. You can't solo why bother.
  6. As long as you are there and fill out the captcha in the 15 mins allotted you wont get banned. Thats why all the bots never get banned. They just check the screens and look for captcha every 15 mins.
  7. yup has happened to us many times. Clan war system is so jacked. Sooooo many bugs.
  8. I just watched 3 different people enchant from 10 to 16. This is complete BS there is a bug or glitch or something. There is absolutely no way all these doods should be running around with +16. Absolutely ridiculous NCSoft.
  9. Recruting PVP players (Aden) - no dungeon campers - no dailies only - pvp players leveling as fast as possible. Message Nicod3mus.
  10. Recruiting PVP tanks - no dungeon campers - no dailies only. PVP players who are leveling as fast as possible. Message Nicod3mus.
  11. They will fix when they feel like people have caught up some. It amazes me that people think all these "bugs" that only effect higher levels are accidental.
  12. Was working fine now all sorts of bugs. The member notifications for kills are not working at all. They worked before but more than 24 hours after start of new war they still are not functioning. CRP is not being added for kills or subtracted for deaths. It appears that wars can be started during the cease fire period with less than the 5 kills that are supposed to be required (although we cannot be absolutely sure). At any rate, something is seriously wrong.
  13. They did not say anything about it because they do not want to change it. They gave a free couple weeks to calm everyone down but they never intended to change it.
  14. Ending free teleports without fixing the 40+ drops sucks for the community but it's classic NCSoft. They want to slow down item acquisition (and the high levels in general) to bring the lower levels closer to par.
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