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  1. WTS B Grade Keys/Recs

    PM/Mail in game RidicPrime WTS: Avadon Keys: Avadon Gaiters Avadon Shield Avadon Boots Avadon Gloves Zubei Keys: Zubei Boots Zubei Gloves Zubei Stocking Zubei Tunic Zubei BP Zubei Gaiters Zubei Shield Zubei Light Armor and Gaiters Doom Keys: Doom Boots Doom Tunic Doom Gloves Doom Helmet Weapons Keys (SELLING or TRADEING for Lance/AOBA/Deadmans Glory) Keys: Arthro Nail Bellion Cestus SOES Great Axe Great Pata (C) B Grade Recipes: BW Leather Armor Damascus Sword (100%) Avadon Boots Avadon Gloves Doom Boots Zubei Boots Zubei Gloves Zubei Helmet (both 100% and 60%) Zubei Stocking Zubei Tunic