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  1. Life is what happens while you wait for them to fix the login (again and again and again)
  2. Helloooo, is there someone at home? any solution? -.-
  3. Mañana se cumplen 10 días sin poder jugar... Que hacemos una fiestita? Vamos a pedir buff al gato al que no podemos llegar porque no podemos entrar al juego? Tomorrow will be 10 days without being able to play ... What do we do a little party? Are we going to ask buff the cat that we can not reach because we can't login?
  4. After the maintenance I logged in, I did the 2nd update and now again can't log --.--""""""""""
  5. A week without being able to log in and the only thing they say is patience -.-" FTS
  6. Monday 9:27 Still can not log in -.-"
  7. Saturday 11am.... Still can´t log in -.-" WTF!
  8. Saturday 10am Arg, I still can not login
  9. I can not log in either, I could only once since the last update but not anymore
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