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  1. Impossible,i have eve online open in background Mining and it still is connected and playing. even when i get disced from L2
  2. Everytime i play i get disconnected. Sometimes lasts 5 mins then others i can be on for hours. Its getting really tiring having to relog all the time... Yes i know yall gonna be like "I dont ever get disconnected" thats BS. No i dont got a shitty PC or Shitty internet,i play other games and always on them and never get DISC. Comeon NCSOFT why not fix this? Maybe because you are using old L2 server files? Maybe hit up a Private server and grab there server files? i dunno but paying $30 for VIP and cant even enjoy it ><
  3. spoil rate is trash,i been farming for iron heads for 4 days not a single one...last week i got one....only one...comeon...
  4. thats cool. no wonder servers are down....had like 5 mobs on me... they saved my life!!! wonder the ETA?
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