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  1. Happen with many people before i hope you get it back if your account actually wasn't someone else's. There seem to be a lot of loop hole in Nc system and ofc GM doesn't give a ratchit.
  2. Hi Guys Just wanna know i am currently have /targetnext /useskill ruin /useskill elemental spike /delay 10 how am i suppose to use rose with the delay of 30 minutes? Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot Bable2, I remember the Soul taker is more of debuff class and not so much when i come to dmg those day, Is there any patch note compare between each feoh classes? i am actually looking to play Feoh Archmage or Feoh Storm Screamer now, i have Feoh storm screamer as Dual and will probably change my main soul taker to Archmage.
  4. Hi Just came back from a long break, I heard new Feoh class are Op now are they? I have Feoh soul taker 101 that i used to play but it was 2-3 years ago since i quit. Just wanna know is it still worth playing? Or should i re-roll with Chaos Essence to ArchMage or Storm Screamer? If i do Re-roll what skill will i lose? I have some skill enchanted like +10 Lockhard destruction, +10 Elemental burst, Thanks a lot for input!
  5. 2h blunt or 1h blunt? I wasnt sure since most video i saw are only with 2h blunt but the passive skill say blunt weapon in this case maybe i can use 1h blunt so my dual healer can use it as well? Atm i am using Shadow retri,
  6. I am interested to play this toon too but but hardly any info maybe someone will put out more info in this thread??
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