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  1. YOu do understand, that once Runes come in, as long they stay like on every classic, a Blunt user will also reach 500 crit rate, just like every Archer, Sword or Dagger user....
  2. No dead whisper drop

    Pliz, 6 days and no fulldrop, bugged, pliz fix. Adena plix.
  3. destro dyes

    Dex doesnt increase runspeed anymore. The crit/Atk speed boost isnt worth the -5 con at all.
  4. Got good m def? Despair. Otherwise try Agony.
  5. try to hit 24~ in on the Ruins, then try to go Abadoned Camp. At 30is try to hit Partisans Hideway
  6. Adena/item drops need boost...

    i mean, im not busting you. there are some zones in the need of a boost indeed. but the real good spots are rarely taken... which is.... quite confusing
  7. Adena/item drops need boost...

    Weve got a few B Grade lowdrops, tons of D drops, a hand of C drops and we do 200K Adena Plus each day. i have simple no clue what most people are doing ^^
  8. 40 + scene

    Truly the current situation sucks for a bunch of classes. Eventho people always try to hammer it into your mind: Back then even Support classes such as Prophet or BD/SWS were able to farm profitable. Fullstop. I did it back then. Yet, even Damagedealer classes, got their problems. Maybe im missing the problem for archers (a Destro on equal gear need 3-4 times the hits you need, Comparing it to FOM/EV our Destro need like 10 hits (crits) each Eldermob. Archers up there in D Grade +7ish (still weaker than Top Luxury C) needed like 3 crits. The difference in adena gain is so extremly small. Yet, on a few 40+ zones we do gain adena. profitable. There are days each of our 5 men team goes home with a plus of 200K every day. Yes, after calculating the Soulshotprices into it. Some people seem to belive that soloing means gaining. I often see archers soloing mobs they prob 1 or 2 shot. No risks, going save on the kills. How come we are getting better gear day by day, while others seem to be unable to survive 40+ ?
  9. DA issues

    No. FOr now look for some AOE Parties that are in the need for a Tank. Maybe in the lategame, once drops are changed, Beast Shots will be cheaper on its own.
  10. Need clarification about ban for macro

    Had the same Problem back in Liveservers. Razor Synapse caused a problem, letting the system belive im macrousing. Yet i need the Razor Synapse to config my left hander mouse, otherwhise the button would have been mirrored...

    YOu were childish enough to create account just to cry on here. Just leave ^^ no one gives a damn.
  12. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    Not my problem that im rich and you are not. i would throw in 2000€ if i like to. not like ill miss 1/4th on my monthly payment ^^
  13. Validus/torfe bug

    are these the ghost/guardian Mobs which spawns after killed another mob?
  14. 10+ hours without mods

    You are aware that even back in the days people bought 7 accounts? When L2 startet you had to pay for every account monthly. There were people havin over 10 accounts, each 30€ a month. So yeah, so much for not paying VIP for alts. There are A HELL LOT of people throwing in 400 Dollar a month for 3 full VIP 4 chars ^^ And no, you dont get 40% exp scroll outside the store, or "unlimited, as far as your credit card burns" buffscrolls, or EXP Runes, Soulshots (even if its useless, but you can save adena by paying real money). Simple as that.
  15. 10+ hours without mods

    YOU dont get it. I AM requiered. Or can you farm the VIP-Status ingame without paying money? Can you gain NcCoinsstore only equipment due playing ? No you cant.