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  1. Abyss Boss - Dragonblood

    lvl 46 melee. in moon armor. elven jewels. killed him twice. easy, just takes time. he runs out of mp quickly so then u can just run around for mp lol also got 0 drops on the first kill and a d gem on 2nd kill. great way to waste 100k supplies lol
  2. when u login, it says in the chatbox they are aware of the missing vip1 gift. they will give u some exp buff to compensate i guess.
  3. i did not enjoy running the map before, nor do i now. difference is, the rates werent bleeped up before so i wasnt FORCED to do if i wanted to keep playing. now im being forced to do so. i outlvld people because im friends with multiple clans and joined in on their parties. while they only have 1 group, i was able to join multiple a day. slowly but surely passing them. if i know or want to play the market or not, i should not be forced to do so just to sustain myself. like you said, there should be no CORRECT way to play, yet there is no other way until they fix the rates for solo areas. selling ssc? im forced to spend days/weeks on making a dwarf which i absolutely hate playing, just to be able to sustain the character i do want to play? that IS a problem of the game if not all classes are playable and some classes are forced to play other classes first. the other 50+ are also stuck. the 2 top cp's of the server already quit the game. and the rest are mostly individuals facing the same issue. this isnt 3 or 4 people with the problem but u can keep defending a point that they even have a sticky post admitting IS a game problem. the free teleports was a bandaid to hold things together for a while until they FIXED the GAME ISSUE of bad rates. now they took away the bandaid without any fix. i expected them to at least fix up a few more obvious areas, i know there are processes and steps they need to follow with korea and all that so im fine with them fixing it in small steps.im not demanding a perfect game tomorrow but they didnt fix anything, and removed the thing they admitted was a replacement for their issues.
  4. Hi, im just a normal player. i played this gamed over 10 years ago. and left when it became too much p2w and 90% bots were left on the server without many actual people. i came back like everyone else, to relive the times before it went dead. and its been great. but after 15 years, u kinda expect the people running the game to have their shit together. i dont play 5 boxes, i dont bot like most top clans, i dont have every mat price memorized to play the market and make millions. i just play the game, normally. im almost at lvl 50 as a melee character (which on aden server is above the majority of player, most are around 40-45) and have been able to pay for my css due to the adena fix in cruma. now im about to outlvl cruma 3rd and idk where to go. the entire server of Aden is staying in D grade to avoid paying for css, so not many can go to cruma 2nd yet. now with the port fees there is no way i can go anywhere to make money, or even get even with shots or just port fees. i dont have a 40+ boxed bishop, se and spoiler to run my own full party or anything. so i play the way an mmorpg game is meant, with other people. but they are all stuck too. @Juji where am i supposed to go now? how do i make money to pay ports? to pay css? to make PROFIT for new gear? im lvl 50 in moon armor. mid c duals only because i made money at low lvl aoe in partisan and ob. ps dont come with "back in the day..........." or "just walk 50 minutes! its a luxury to port back in chronicle xxx" this is classic, 15 years later compared to "back then". so they need to make it playable if they want it to stay alive.
  5. lvl 40, progress/wep choice?

    there is no top c on the server yet, and wont be able to afford that for a long time. should i trade the d pole for d duals then? and keep those until i can get top c? will probably get anywhere between 45-50 before i can get top c lol
  6. lvl 40, progress/wep choice?

    i havent really done aoe since lvl 32 lol so keeping this d pole as a gladi seems like a waste. and money farming is kinda hard at this point as most spots dont give a lot of money as they are single target. like cruma or nobles, idk what else i can do at this lvl but thats where ive been and money barely equals d shots used. also figured getting low c duals might be ok for now as the server is barely hitting 40 so selling it eventually to get top c will be easy and even profitable if i craft it myself (dont think there r any storm drops yet on the server anyway). but posted here to make sure there wasnt a set way to do it which is by far the best compared to any other option.
  7. made it to 40. being a gladi ill need duals but i currently have a pole. if i were to sell the pole i would have about 2.5m to spend which i think is enough to craft c duals of about 130 or 140~ p att. would mean id have to exp in cruma/ant nobles without ss tho but i guess it compensates compared to when i used d grade wep and shots (?) should i sell the d pole, craft c duals and just continue? or is there a better path to go thats more efficient?
  8. not purple but yes a certain way/color flag a red can defend himself without gaining more karma and be forced to go permared or die. whats the point of killing someone if it forces u to die and lose the same amount of exp and eventually even armor
  9. all posts talking about the current system are people who actually WANT to pvp for spot but cant as the ksers/grievers are protected lol. if you have a party aoeing. i can solo walk in there with my pole and just start whacking away. no, i wont take aggro so you wont stun kill me with mobs. and no obviously i wont flag back lol. so you can either kill me and go red. which means i will rez myself with my box/return and then freely kill you because you are red and i wont get flag if i attack you so you will die or have to leave. and then i will continue to ks your group, and if im a spoiler ill enjoy taking that with mass spoil too so u go red and die too or leave. great pvp options for defending your spot against people who are b*tches and refuse to flag due to the protective system it should be LESS protective for shiitbags. make it so that when you attack a red player first, that player can kill you back without adding a pk point. that way i can go red on a kser, and work off my karma. of course im still fkd if a party comes at me but at least 1 random lowbie wont be able to come up to me and kill me without m ebeing able to fight back (or fighting back and wasting my character into permared lol) ofc most of this is at lower levels like ob, ac and partisans but thats where the experience starts for all players and also where the most little #$$#$@%#@$ are at doing this stuff.
  10. you didnt read my post right. i said: if you attack the red character, your flag will ONLY be seen by the pk. you will not go purple to EVERYONE. so ONLY the pk can fight you back. but if you attacked the pk then im sure you dont mind him fighting back. and the reason karma wouldnt change anything now is because the moment you go red. the ks/griever can just rez with box and keep attacking you and you cant fight back
  11. simple, just make it so when someone attacks you when youre red, that person gets flagged only to you, unless you attacked him first. that way you can defend yourself from 1 single noob kser while grinding off the karma on mobs but if a group shows up to kill you, youre still screwed. they had this system in another mmorpg and worked fine. you could go red and be a target cause you dropped armor but at least not be a useless punching bag for every lvl 1 character out there without being able to do anything for no reason. other things that need fixing are the restarting to lose flag and the flag dissapearing while you are in a fight lol thats just dumb. especially for any melee class trying to kill anyone...
  12. warrior guide on classic?

    cant afford d grade stuff yet so ill get great spear for now as its semi cheap anyway. ill be getting a vr box buffer soon but regardless vr scrolls are 400adena if needed. i used to solo (with vr box) in catas hehe but never really aoe'd in groups thats why i asked, what type of group (as in what are the groups called for melee aoe?) am i looking for in this version? i see mages are mostly asked for orc barracks but and ac but havent seen any place specific for warriors is it the same where aoe can be done both by mage grps and pole grps in the same places? i figured each class would have its own area with fitting mobs
  13. warrior guide on classic?

    @Krissa too cuz telling about that eastern spot at spiders saved me from losing my sanity
  14. warrior guide on classic?

    me again lol so im lvl 22 and got 22 cleric. got about 350k from spider quest. whats the top ng pole i should go for? is it great spear cuz it goes for 220k on aden server. im not sure what to spend my money on should i get that and also get top ng staff for my box cleric or is that a waste and i should get a pole and a blunt for the stun/pvp? also what aoe groups am i looking for as a warrior if i wanna go exp? i dont remember any of the abbreviations lol and most grps seem for mages ._.
  15. warrior guide on classic?

    well this is a lot harder than i expected lmao the only way i can get a last hit in from all the mages there is when i spam my only 2 skills but this allows me to kill about 5-10 mobs before im out of mana and forces me to sit down for up to 10 minutes to regain mana lol being able to kill 10 mobs every 10 minutes (and sometimes not getting a single quest item from those 10 cuz even if u last hit its not a guaranteed quest item drop) is absolute mind numbing lol my box healer is almost at 20 so maybe ill be able to last longer without skills then.. but solo its a nightmare there as melee