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  1. Hardcore is fine, but GK fees aren't "hardcore". What they do is prevent players from spending their time enjoying the game because they spend more time running around instead of actual hunting, then quit eventually because having to run everywhere all the time just isn't fun. Either that or they pay the fees and are always broke so quit in frustration because they can't make adena. I know the "cool kids" will bash such opinions, but not everybody is an adena buyer who can pay GK fees without a second thought. I've explained why GK fees are a bad idea, but I've yet to see why they are a "good" idea. And saying they act a money drain to prevent inflation is ridiculous as it only keeps the poor, poor, and makes the market value for adena farmers more lucrative.
  2. A monkey could keep the adena sellers away. How hard is it to stream all world chat, shouts, private shop messages, and text in the party matching window from all servers to a custom admin client. You can spot the adena seller messages instantly, and ban them in one click. If NC can't afford to hire a monkey they could simply set up a display next to their secretary and she could ban them while buffing her fingernails. It would be that easy! How long do you think the adena sellers would be spaming their goods when they get banned right away every time? The monkey would be out of a job before long. It's not difficult NC, the only possible excuse is that you WANT adena sellers, and that of course is another possibility for debate.
  3. Huge lagg and d/c

    Ah, so it's not just me. I've been getting a very slow reaction time to everything for the last couple of hours. A guy I was hunting with said he was lagging also.
  4. Modern gaming took a huge turn years ago to stop punishing players with extreme mechanics that simply make the game NOT fun. Teleporters need to stay free, forever. This one thing alone can drive many players to quit because they're too expensive, and running everywhere takes too long. Remember, Classic has drawn in many new casual players who will quickly turn to other MMOs that bring enjoyment instead of misery. Let people travel Aden and explore and have fun.