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  1. WTB Weapons Recipes

    Hello. I WTB Weapon C Recipes. You can PM me in game: OgiMurarz or here. - Recipes: Sword Of Delusion - Recipes: Ultimate Sword - Recipes: Bec de Corbin - Recipes: Scorpion - Recipes: Cursed Staff - Recipes: Club Of Nature - Recipes: Sage's Staff - Recipes: Stick of Eternity - Recipes: Nirvana Axe - Recipes: War Axe - Recipes: Pa'agrian Axe - Recipes: Fisted Blade
  2. Browsing the market

    Hello everyone. Does anybody know about a site that allows you to search for the prices of items displayed on the market as it did inmmo. net? In recent days, the site has stopped working and I switched to the normal search of the market in the game, but I do not hide that the earlier option was much more convenient.
  3. How many Super XP Scroll 40-45

  4. WTB Weapons Recipes

    Hello. I want to buy Recipes: Claymor Dark Elven Dagger Sword of Delusion Ultimate Sword Bec de Corbin Scorpion Cursed Staff Club of Nature Sage's Staff Pa'agrian Hammer Stick of Eternity Nirvana Axe War Axe Pa'agrian Axe Akat Long Bow Knuckle Duster Fisted Blade If you have any of this recipes for sell PM to OgiMurarz in game.
  5. What Dyes for Bounty Hunter

    Hello everyone! I want to ask you what will be the best dyes for Bounty Hunter when i prefer solo game?
  6. Two recipe drop

    Hello! Anyone know where can i drop or spoil recipes for this weapons? https://l2wiki.com/classic/Knuckle_Duster#Crafting%3A 100% and https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bec_de_Corbin#Crafting%3A 100%
  7. Copy and Paste chat

    Hello! I want to ask you how can i copy and paste text in chat? I often see people doing that in city but ctrl+c and ctrl+v didnt'n work.
  8. Artisan spoil

    Yes i know the drop rate. I mean that only 10% or less of used skill was activated. I must spam spoil on 1 mob 10 or more times. After killing 3 - 4 orc i haven't got mana.
  9. Artisan spoil

    What is the best difference in levels between character and mobs to spoiling in Artisan. I tried to spoil Turec Orc Prefect (30 lvl) to get Recipe: Gastraphetes on lvl 34 (4 levels of diffrence) and only 1 in 10 or even less spoil was succes. Have you any advices?
  10. Mechanic Golem and drop

    Hello! I want to ask you about drop rate when we fighting with mechanic golem. When the summon kill the mobs bonus drop from VIP working?