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  1. they are looking into it https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7246-known-issue-adena-scaling-at-level-40/?do=findComment&comment=57670 Kamisama knows when it will take an effect
  2. agree! goddess of destruction is like the fire nation.
  3. I am in a party of 3 people we gathered and crafted 2 d grade bows which is cheaper than any other option. and we are almost around lvl 30. i do not see any problem yet as this game is based on crafting anyway. the only thing that is a annoying is spoil rate. i cannot say anything about 40+ but il see that when i reach it. it would be just the same gathering mats to craft c and b and a grade. why do you need adena anyway? currently i use it only for soulstone thats all.
  4. Roadways in towns ( with no market )

    i know another illegal server had it indeed. they will not do it here
  5. Provisional Clan Halls not in?

    Q: What game content is on the Classic server?At launch, Classic players will be offered a fresh start to take on Monsters and Raid Bosses in Hunting Zones up to Level 70. The initial Classic release will not have the Olympiad, Castle, or Fortress Sieges, or permanent Clan Hall Auctions—though several of these features will be released over the course of future updates.
  6. Hard? dont make me laugh. this version is far from hard. in some hours you will be lvl 20 thats far from hard. I would have liked the REAL c1 without l2 store. but thats hard to find
  7. block chat

  8. Where should I level at 26?

    Party should be good. depends on how long the tanks and mp is doing. i had quite a nice party at orc barracks. you can try that one
  9. i see i know there are alot of shops right now for it. i mean i am crafting alot of ssd myself without the *beep* nccoin
  10. Alright but you said i was defending the rates in general. i have no clue about 40+ but i can only make a guess it that they have it this way because people would be at end game way to fast as they expected?
  11. maybe i am maybe i am not. i agree that the spoil rate is bad but then again why do would you care about the rate. its not you own the game and tell the company to lower the rates because its not playable. if you dont like the rates why are you still playing. if this was a totally new game would you go on the forums and tell them WEHHH i am not getting my gear within 1 hour WEHHHH please increase rates so i am faster geared and leveled up WEHHHH....
  12. Why would it destroy the game? I mean it would destroy it abit but not that much. Homan spoiler will gain their gear by them selves by even crafting it. bot spoilers will just sell the mats for people that do not like to get a spoiler themselves. dont get me wrong bots are still bad but it will help other people
  13. Indeed also the market would drop aswell. the only thing that needs to increase abit is the spoil but then again. its hardcore grind. i see people with c grade already. i disliked that there was a starter quest which boosted you to 20 without any adena. i toke it anyway. if i didnt toke it i would have to grind more and i would have get more money. but then again the spider quest gave us alot which we could buy dark elven bow. so its not even that bad. PS: imo people are way too use to games that makes you max lvl and have all the gear within a month. THIS IS NOT THE GAME for that. which is why i like it. oke they decrease it more because of vip but still it does not prevent me from playing
  14. spell book drop rate

    back in the days i've played on a 10x server aswell and the spell books were still a hell to get it. and i suspect to be more of a hell on 1x. which i like
  15. We have been doing that yes. and what about the quest? if you didnt do these good luck further and to be honest if you are going for lvls in this game you are playing it wrong.