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  1. I would love to invite everyone to know me better, in game or out game. I play a lot of games, and I enjoy to PLAY, THE REAL PLAY. I have been playing Lineage 2 since my 11/12, my age actually is 26. 14 years playing in differents servers, like Gravity Zero, MMORPG (Ares, Venus, Fenix), Lindvior, Saggitarius... And the love for this game never ends. The Lineage 2 was for me the first videogame making me feel like in a another fantastic world. Not MU, not Diablo, not AoE, not CS, not LoL (I'm actually player), not GTA. They said me I am using 3rd party software because I helped to my sister-in-law's boyfriend (GonisX) to rush some quest/leveling up. I got more time to play than him, that's because I grew up first. BUT ALWAYS PLAYING, not software between, and we have different IP's, everytime. I didn't use his account or something like 2 accounts at the time. Why I get banned? Add me as friend if you want (in Chronos server), and take a look to my character or to GonisX, after that, come to me and say me cheater. Thank you for understanding @Eumache. I appreciate it!
  2. Thank you man, your post makes more sense than every word they said me. So, probably I have get a "FINAL WARNING" because of a automatical system, and it don't let me help any friend (with a different IP EVERY TIME)... NICE GAME. Lucky my brother GonisX, he wasn't banned. Sometimes I helped him to rush the last quests or the lvl 84, you know? I'm a Sigel Eva Templar, so I can do power farming easily... But if I'm there, and he is there, EVER, why? I not even know how to use macros yet, It's ridiculous. Thank you anyway bro. See you there!
  3. Recently, I get banned for ... (I HAVE NO IDEA, because if some GM, or whatever, look at my account, they will find NOTHING stranger). And all what I do while I play, IS PLAYING, or playing with my friend GonisX (It's a prohibition to give party to someone or what???). It's ANNOYING. I'm a noob lvl 87, playing after 3 weeks or something like that. My bro GonisX, less than me, he is 85 with just created the DUAL. This should be a BIG JOKE if you are saying me what you say me... BOOTING? EXPLOITATION? WHAT??? This is really sad. I dedicated a big time playing. Reminding old times, and enjoying the game... and you come and say me this... NO WORDS. ----------------------> We prohibit use or possession of software that can be used with a game client, which enables:automated gameplay - unattended or attended gameplay where decisions are made or actions taken for the user;exploitation - abuse of bugs or unintended gameplay to gain benefits beyond what it intended for all users; orsoftware modification - altering the client or altering or monitoring communication between the client and server, including cosmetic changes only visible to the user.Regards, Jessica NCSOFT Support Team <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What a joke.