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  1. After a month of the classic, I'm disappointed with the interest NCSoft shows . After 14 years of this game, I was expecting NCSoft to know how to fix these mistakes very quickly , not in months During this time we could see the following : - Excessive waiting to enter the server - No issue fixed ( adena , lag ss , bots , queue.. ) - 8h maintenance to solve two mistakes - Maintenance just to stop the server without any improvement - A lot of BOT`s Instead we saw how the money went into NCSoft because most players have at least VIP 1. In my opinion
  2. Ralmm

    Limit increase

    Hello, Are there chances to increase the limit of people on the server (Giran)? I expect 12h - 14h to get into the game I do not think it is normal for a company like ncsoft to ignore the players and not to find a solution. I am convinced that this is how money and players will be lost as well. In vain, new servers with different time zones open if all your friends play on a server where you can not just enter if you wait 12h - 14h. The opening version of new servers is not the best one. I have not seen a ncsoft point of view anymore for this cause and I hope that somebody will a
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