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  1. Spellbooks...

    i smell weak ppl in this server. This is marathon not a sprint. Get used to hardly abtaining things
  2. suggestion for bot-free server

    wanna help? then do not buy adena. easy
  3. Karma Bug high lvl

    pk one more time and go lvl up new acc
  4. i agree. run. i cant afford tp so i run every time from aden to fom. It takes me 15-20mins but still it is for u to chose adena or time. If can face this stile of game then leave it wont be easier latter
  5. Bots at necropolis

    Yes i agree that it is hard for simple player to catch bots with auto log out. Coz u can use force log out. So in this case of scenario seems like bots in cata will keep farming till ppl get strong enought to farm in cata too. Other question is it worth farming in cata? how is spoil and adena drop there?
  6. Bots at necropolis

    very sad news. I quess there was no respond from NCSOFT about this?
  7. Bots at necropolis

    Hey, I didnt care much abouts bots while i thought that you ban them while they are low lvls. But today i decided to check catacombs and necropolis and what you think? Bots party with auto log out at Patriots necropolis. Can anyone confirm that bot problem is still actual even at high lvl? Coz if it is it is time to leave this server. Thnaks for answers
  8. Issue - Bonus 50% exp/sp dropped

    they made 50% back again without maintenance. so i think they just removed it afer 2weeks without maintenance too
  9. I love that this is a little bit hardcore. i vote for removing exp and drop event.
  10. Weapon Enchant rates

    i confirm enchant rate is 90% . Just do it
  11. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    the more leave due to queue the better