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  1. Why you dont merge servers aden and gludio? It will be better for all of us
  2. Heloo GM`s. From 2 weeks i observe same people using bot programs in spider nest ( Dark Elf Village). I report several times but still nothing. Please do somtheing about this. Also many people leave server because of this. Let see how fast you read this!
  3. Well It works! Thanks man! You are out hero!
  4. Hi everyone. Acording to this site: https://l2.laby.fr/status/ server population about servers Aden and Gludio is very low. I notice in a few months that past population is geting very low. Do you thing is good to merge this two servers in one? Things are very worse - no good iconomy no players no nothing. Just a few people on market in Giran.
  5. Hi everyone! Any good place for spoil lv 33-40? Thank you!
  6. Thank you! I will try with spoiler after all. Hope i have luck with this char.
  7. Can anyone share good tactic spoil guide lv 27-40? Zones, mobs.... Thank you!
  8. Heloo! I have a question to GM's. When spoil will be fixed? This is not a normal rate! I remeber what was before....
  9. Is there a shadow weapons in server?
  10. Thanks for the answer. But mobs in AC not spoil no mats there. Can u give more specific advice for spoil mats pls?
  11. Hi everyone. I need help for spoil. Wich are best places for spoil lv 20-40? thanks you! I need money! I am greed!
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