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  1. Why you dont merge servers aden and gludio? It will be better for all of us
  2. Heloo GM`s. From 2 weeks i observe same people using bot programs in spider nest ( Dark Elf Village). I report several times but still nothing. Please do somtheing about this. Also many people leave server because of this. Let see how fast you read this!
  3. A way to log-in (tuto)

    Well It works! Thanks man! You are out hero!
  4. Hi everyone. Acording to this site: https://l2.laby.fr/status/ server population about servers Aden and Gludio is very low. I notice in a few months that past population is geting very low. Do you thing is good to merge this two servers in one? Things are very worse - no good iconomy no players no nothing. Just a few people on market in Giran.
  5. Spoil

    Hi everyone! Any good place for spoil lv 33-40? Thank you!
  6. Spoil guide?

    Thank you! I will try with spoiler after all. Hope i have luck with this char.
  7. Spoil guide?

    Can anyone share good tactic spoil guide lv 27-40? Zones, mobs.... Thank you!
  8. Spoil fix?

    Heloo! I have a question to GM's. When spoil will be fixed? This is not a normal rate! I remeber what was before....
  9. Spoil!

    ob ph?
  10. Is there a shadow weapons in server?
  11. Spoil!

    Thanks for the answer. But mobs in AC not spoil no mats there. Can u give more specific advice for spoil mats pls?
  12. Spoil!

    Hi everyone. I need help for spoil. Wich are best places for spoil lv 20-40? thanks you! I need money! I am greed!