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  1. and your point is ? it will come soon or later anyway like or not. another advantage that will come with fafurion its that macros cannot be cancel with mouse movement (right click) witch is really nice. oh i also forget they also implement a system that make impossible flag players unwillingly its on the video above as welll.
  2. Hi, have a good day. Lets get to the point right away, so by the tittle i think yoau all got a idea. Its possible to bring those features on the next upcoming big update ? that for us is fafurion yet a update behind. You have done before with the macro system and targeting aswell (the ability to target just npcs, monsters etc) Again its possible to do it again ? what im talking about > https://youtu.be/dRnVALo7A38?t=941 possibility of leave skill toogle and use on reuse, aswell roses, scrolls, xp boost you got the idea. @Hime @Juji
  3. Red Libra Holiday Event Starts 12/12

    Please add 1 more week for redlibra not everyone is at home this holidays and use the services of it. Again please
  4. WTT Stuff

    trading only cloak now, Fixed again
  5. WTT Stuff

    i guess a bump ! fixed
  6. WTT Stuff

    WTT +15 Dark bow 3 SA Lv10 Fire SpeedFire x +15 Elmore 7.5skillcd 15%skillpower https://i.postimg.cc/XYMQYKLQ/15bow3salv10.jpg pvp cloak +15 15%skill CD augs 40b or bless anty bless valakas / or +12 bloody bow 3 sa lvl 8 + adena https://i.postimg.cc/MT4r0C08/pvp-cloak.jpg pm lph0en1x
  7. Jesus Chris ! what a classic cancer and the dropbacks Missing links ! from main webpage https://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/ancient-kingdom-cloaks-08232017.php https://www.lineage2.com/en/news/announcements/zodiac-agathion-expansion-overview-Jan-2018.php https://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/circlets-of-power-Feb-2018.php https://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/freyas-deluxe-shopping-bag-june-2018.php and many more
  8. Pre download major update ??? Elaborate more ! and when it gonna launch https://i.postimg.cc/sgMbv49y/elaborate.jpg
  9. Redlibra its a answer yes, i would change to iss so others can exp me those who need a iss tho. But for save this server we need go full p2w that its the servers status, what i mean if any items its introduced it need to stay on store !!!!!!!!!! why ? becuse new commers can get their stuff whenever they want and not just wait each freaking !! 6 months !! this increase competition and fun. the status of pvp, someone will not just rush into party that are ridicolous overgear because just take one character with everything to win that battle. And call events for real events not store "promos" Brooch jewels, elemental shirts, authority circlets, ancient cloak, zodiat agathions, artifacts fragments need to be permanent ! on store. did i miss any ?
  10. Obsidian lvl 6

    Question its ok that that jewells remove target every 2 seconds the target and around each 5 sec of delay for clean stun/cancel that thing is working correctly ? like wth ! give more delay its too op.
  11. Auto macro stopped working!!

    Hope they leave it as its.
  12. ADD 1 week to Cat dance Event

    just give the rewards to all active accounts, done.
  13. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    problem most of ppl on this classes don't want to leave the black credit cards on those classes, they want to hit hard with the less amount of $$
  14. Red Libra

    Sr what about a update where any melody, sonata, harmony replace the old buff/skill of the 3rd job classes to bring balance. think about it, not rly hard ask to dev this. 80% of the fools suggesting this thread are guys from a same clan... w8 to learn cham of victory ...
  15. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 7, 2018

    So you guys can bring anything back if really want... What about the features remove in the pass with the "Excuse" of because bots we will remove drops ? since they are more in control now why those drops are not back ? A big example are life stones lvl 76,80,84 !!!