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  1. @Hime I've read a lot of topics and everyone, include me complain about: 1. Soulshots usage on C/B grade bows is unbalanced, bcs u fix the current adena system and forgot about corelatted things. In my opinion, you should reduce consumption of SS to x1 or x2 like on RU servers. Compare archer PT to mage CP and think. --> find topics on forum, players alrdy compared and calculated all. Its hilarious, that u spend more adena on killing mob than u obtain. 2. As you reduce adena drop rate, you should lower price of teleports. 3. Adena drop rate on locations 40 + is totally fine. I kn
  2. @Hime @Juji totally agree.. If u dont wanna fix Adena rate, decrease SSC/SSB consumption on C/B grade bows to 1-2 shots per hit.
  3. WTB HEX/HASTE/RAGE BOOK pm pesz3K WTS 40x POB, 3x EWC pm pesz3K
  4. peszkin


    The point is that mobs at lvl 20-30 dropping beetween 150-250 adena, so it doesn't make sense if you reach 40+ and the mobs are dropping the same adena. Our CP loosing 500k for exp per 6h in cruma tower(after summary drop/adena). We've tested also DV and other locations... - the same piece of shit. For now better option is making low lvl chars and farming on undines/orc/ac etc. so Ncsoft FIX IT !
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