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  1. Anyone else surprised that we are not getting what we are promised yet again?
  2. Anyone else surprised that we are not getting what we are promised yet again?
  3. Since I 100% know a mod is reading this post. I have an idea. A 7 day or at least a 1 day rune for every account for the mistake.
  4. Many people purchased buffs for the duration of the event. Now the timers are ticking away. GG bro.
  5. fishfood doesn't watch superbowl so nothing else matters.
  6. Tonk

    Clan Hall Auctions

    @hime is this one clan hall for the duration? If you are outbid can you then bid on a hall in another town or are we locked on that one hall?
  7. I would love to see that list. I would title it "Things NCsoft Korea doesn't care about"
  8. They fixed a drop rate..Players dropping lineage 2 classic rate. It was buffed by 30% at least.
  9. Look at server numbers over night. Dipping under 4k including shops and bots, really scary stuff.
  10. We can clearly see NCSoft West has 0 say in it's own servers.
  11. it cost 16-17 a month to maintain vip 4, so try again.
  12. I am just worried that I have seen 10-15% of my friends list stop playing and no new influx of players. They have less time than they think to fix this.
  13. This is NOT a prelude/C1-2 experience. This is a pure p2w Korean version of L2. You can look at Prelude drops and spoils (luckily we have a print source(Prima Guide). They made spell books near impossible to force player to buy shop items for hunting. Spoils are set to give only 1 of an item instead of the multiples (i.e. Graveyard Predator in a "fixed" area level 59 mob spoiling 1 animal bone and/or 1 animal skin at a 20% rate.) People that are happy with current rates are those that spent tons of cash either in game shop or RMT and want to protect their "investment". Happy that the onl
  14. Prelude drop rates for spellbooks 1/210 drops in classic 1/not a chance in hell
  15. I am beginning to believe the people that post supportive replies are alt accounts of the Devs: because I know zero people that think that support for Classic is addressing the issues.
  16. So sad that the player base cares more about the game than the Devs.
  17. We have been posting concerns for weeks!!!! You either don't know how to deal with this or don't care. I pray this is a case of not knowing.
  18. But adena is boosted in like 3 spots 40+, one being all the way in freaking Dion. All being group areas. Give me a break.
  19. Nice way to have ZERO concerns about players. You barely address the drop/spoil/adena, then you start charging for teleports again. Maybe the SoE's in the Coin Shop are the answer? P2W????
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