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  1. 21 minutes ago, Lightkeeper said:

    Solution is easy - just pay full VIP for +50% drop rate... If plebs have to kill 1k mobs to drop it, you only need 750. You also get to farm up adena better because you pay shots for dollars as well. 

    Just pay and laugh at the peasants.

    Most people that are posting in this thread are VIP4.  So try again.


  2. We know spoils (and rates) on l2wiki are not exact, but it the closest tool we have.  The spoils (mob loot tables) are greatly different than the Prima Guide which was the official "Classic" loot tables.  There is nothing more "classic" than Prelude.  I have a 43 BH and 4 level 20 dwarves.  I only had enough animal bone fragments to make 1/3 of the CBP to make D grade weapon.  I mained a BH in prelude-c2 (1.5 would fit in this window???) and NEVER struggled for animal bone (fragments).  The spoils that have always been 30-70% are now 10-20% and the quanities are rarely ever in excess of 1 when many mobs were 1-3 or 1-5.  


  3. 1 minute ago, Juji said:

    The patch fix was to address the server performance issues we started seeing this morning with disconnections after we increased the server capacity yesterday. The fix to the Rune issue was something we received in addition to the patch.

    Maybe you should follow the adena sales of the 60+ players reselling Proof of blood money to player to player adena sales sites.


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  4. 1 minute ago, Lawman said:

    These are okay stop-gap measures and I approve of anything you can do without depending on the developers.  But, oh my, would it be nice to have a bit more communication from you and @Juji!  Please at least acknowledge our concerns and discuss solutions you are considering, or have decided to implement as soon as the development team can get them done. The lack of response is truly distressing and, I believe, causes much of the angst you see here on the forums.  The same subjects are raised again and again because, thanks to the lack of response, it feels like no one is listening.  You've actually made some good attempts to address some of the problems, but never with discussion ahead of time.  You say something general and meaningless like "more information will be available later" then don't say anything else until you introduce the changes.  Would it bother you that much to talk with us, give us a feeling we are being listened to, and some concrete hint of what is being consider or done?  Thanks for reading. 

    Well said.  It is hard to be patient without communication.

  5. I main'ed a BH in Prelude-C2.  I remember the rates.  I never had to buy mats to craft (outside key mats) that is not close to the situation now.  The rates are scuffed, let us hope this patch fixes them.  I really really enjoy this game, but I am afraid if this patch fails many of my friends are going to quit playing.



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  6. Still wanting to know if the devs are going to address the spoil rate.   I saw a patch to fix adena and drops, but not for spoils.  I just want to know if it is something being fixed or if I should scrap my bounty hunter and roll a nuker.