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  1. They're serving content, it can disbalance some aspects of game, but just stop complaining and enjoy disbalance as a chance to compete and motivate to XP up and party up. This is a challenge, and now that I know there's 3rd class, I'm remotivating to XP up faster my main. Ppl need goals to progress, so I thank them so much for update, even when they do some other decisions that limitate us so much, as adena drop rate. Nothing can be good enough for all, so just enjoy game.
  2. Now we're going back to unearnable Spellbooks and unearnable profit unless u can do market reselling or buying adena... What a really sad notice to go back to earn just 10k per grinding hour... How can I have 3 players 40+ and having still NO C grade stuff. (even sharing D grade weapon between players for be able to farm...) This is just unfair. I would prefer Pay to Play to allow a enjoyable gameplay... at least, this 50% event has been a help to fulfill the main spellboks for 1 pj... PRAYING WE ARE
  3. I had an extremely freedom and pleasure because of your mistake, and I'm sure I'm not the only one dreaming with set this adena drop as default, cause It's the first time I can use body to mind using bsps and still earning profit. 100k each 1-2h i guess it's a fair profit, and letting us use L2store anyway to increase it. Anyway, It seems to be a nice candy, and ppl is less "hating" in forums, so it's a nice effect, even when ppl is not logic enough to say THANK YOU for this increased rate WE ALL THANK. I'would like if you check this as a test of L2 store profit in the case of increasing Adena rates. Permanent or not, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for letting me obtain enough profit for get all amulets and almost getting karmian set at lvl 48 <3
  4. karma

    This should be changed definitely. Pk and karma are a key part of the game, and they've been always the main and only way to kill bots. Not mentioning the other main usages as battle for spot and competitivity. Actually the game is like the hand-playing players being unable to take actions against bots, and just can to look for another spot unless you have the courage (or stupidity) to sacrifice 1-2 lvls + money + possible drop just to fail a 4% for 1 of them (who can afford 4% automatically in a few time) and that not ensure you will get the spot.... You cant ban such a high density of bots, and it's understandable, but at least help us to "survive" this zombie invasion and get our "fair play" without losing lots of hours of our hand made play. Return karma mechanics to what it was! I'm praying for this
  5. I love this game for being difficult, and so on, but in my honest opinion, Adena drop per mob should be enough to cover costs for the number of hits we should do with the top weapon of the previous grade, or at least with the low weapon for the grade in our lvl range. For example, if we're lvl 54 and we have top C weapon, we will need more hits to beat an enemy, so more ss and adena costs than a B grade weap. This adena per mob should be enough to cover those hits with C (previous grade weapon) to allow progression (and party play), but not too much, for still being difficult. Anyway, I love this game and I'll stay to see the evolution of this new Classic server. Hop-hop!! ^^
  6. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    Emergency maintenance yesterday, so all afk'ers went offline.
  7. Crashing game...

    This happens to me only when I turn off my screen, but not when I play another game at the same time. Test screen turning on/off, i'm lf a solution too. Good luck