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  1. Trial is something that you try. On the current model you can play forever using the free tier if you want, therefore it's a FREEMIUM model. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemium
  2. So fellmere grounds, then Orc Barracks? Thanks, gonna try it =)
  3. A freemium model is where you can use free forever, but with limited access to what the service has to offer. Think about GitHub, where you can host only open source projects for free, but if you need it private, you need to pay. It's the same here: if you want a normal exp rate, and log in, you need to pay, or else you can stay on the free tier. Yes, that's called a FREEMIUM business model and it works on the entire software ecosystem.
  4. I'm sorry, but you're wrong. The system you mentioned is called FREEMIUM. Free to play, it's just free. Can you share with us how you are making money, specially between 20~30?
  5. please, keep spiders like they were before, it's pretty impossible to do that quest now and it's our only way to farm some adena.
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