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  1. 1.- Block them 2.- DW and Haste are worth from 4.5 to 7.5m, wich its expensive but not that much just dont buy at that price. 3.- Ways to deal with them: A.- Make a trail of 1 adena out of your spot to another one, they may stay at that other spot, and even die while picking up all the adena, bots focus on pick up then killing. B.- Train them, they will die. C.- Buff/Heal the mobs they are killing, if the bot is lower than lvl 40, and they get their summon killed twice they cant keep going. D.- PK them with a PK char or if u dont have many pks with your boxes, pk
  2. Well to just have an idea of what to expect in Saviors update, you could check this up https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/541633/ It is FOR SURE not going to be that exactly but I guess some stuff may be in there, is just to have an idea, just that.
  3. Classic is "a bit of that" from a game stand point, the bots and all that shit... would be there even if they reboot from Prelude man. And the worst part is that because prelude was like a week or two to get to lvl 20, bots would totally reckt the game, at least today having it "easier" you get farther in less time hence less bots the more u level up, and the more places to go u would have. The only way to have a prelude without that issue is changing the whole game and instancing the heck out of it and at the end that would stop being Prelude or C1 right?.
  4. 1 - Raid bosses max lvl is 70, there are no lvl 75 raids bosses, so there is 1 cap, that speaks a lot about "Content", there is no Zaken, there is no Baium, there is no Antharas, so there is no raid boss/epics related content in the game. 2 - Items are capped at B grade, hence at lvl 61 you cannot adquire an A-grade item, so there is also a cap. 3 - There are some mobs with more lvl than lvl 70, I'm not sure and I did not check but maybe just MAYBE those mobs are in a lvl 70 AREA, you can have a lvl 70 area with mobs ranging from lvl 6x++ to 7x, maybe the intention was to not have AR
  5. @AliceOnFire I use CDL mostly because is what I use and what I know the most, that doesnt mean that my ideas doesnt work for other books, I totally agree that maybe those books also need a tweak to be in a better place. Now I'm not only talking about a single book, I'm talking about a bigger problem that affect all of us but giving a more specific insight on the problem in hand, you could say "Hey 40+ farming areas the Adena is bad" but actually there are places where the adena is really ok, I can go to cruma and solo aoe from lvl 40+ and the adena will be good, you could say "Ok, its int
  6. Hi everybody, I'm Hexploder, Necromancer from TI, I just wanna give my personal opinion on a current problem and maybe give some ideas to make those problems more tolerable. The CDL problem and the Adena Problem is closelly related, the 40+ soloing problem is a known issue that everybody knows about so, my perspective as a Necromancer that have played L2 since C4, since Gatekeepers cost Adena from lvl 1 and you farm to take the ferry out of Talking Island or swim till you get to Gludin territory and SOE or die in the water to spawn in Gludin, I played this game when making the lvl 35, 37,
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