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  1. My solution would be to increase amount of shots summoned by skill rather than lowering price in shop.
  2. Actually with current settings you should be the person to change the game. You know how the game is set up and if you don't like it it is impolite to ask other players to leave and to ask NC to change the game that will fit your expectations.
  3. What shows first screen when we log into game? A windmill! So it is clear that this is farming game.
  4. If cleric is main character robe is best for MP bonus. If it is box light armor can better protect character from random aggro. There is enough MP for solo with box in light.
  5. Heavy is best for all activities mentioned above. Light Armor is best for daggers and archers. Other classes can benefit from it from time to time for example if you have dagger as main and glad as alt you can use your dagger armor instead if crafting new set for alt.
  6. Today I made calculations of the items available in shops with the meaning of gaining crystals. Not all of the items tho as there are quite a lot of them including dualswords. The cheapest D-Crystals from shop items are +/- 606 adena per unit. How do people make crystals worth 550a or less? I know there are full drops that can be crystalized and sold as cheap as possible. What are best shop items (including duals) to crystalize? For both D and C crystals.
  7. For anyone that has summoner 40+. Does summoner contiune nuke skill or gain any new nuke? Various sites show that summoner either continue nuke (Twister, Blaze, etc) or they gain new (e.g. Death Spike). How is it set up on our classic servers?
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