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  1. Try asking for a refund from them but if that fails: If you paid by CC directly - contact bank If you paid by Paypal - select purchase and in the Transaction details window select Resolution Center (it's at the bottom) then fill in all the details. Note: you will be banned/acc locked for this, not that it matters, but if you enjoy other NC products, keep that in mind. As for the rest, it's clear that people got scammed, stalled and so on in their vision and don't like the game/haven't received what they were promised. Why go on with the "omg you are noobs, here's my way of
  2. No breakdown really, i believe most are handling it like responsible adults, they were promised a product that they didn't receive (not to mention got stalled into thinking things will change) so now they're demanding a refund or charging back and never want to hear from NC again, life lesson to be learned. And don't even say "but it's F2P bruh".
  3. See you again when you leave a shop for days in a row trying to sell something but no real-life player farms anymore so nobody buys what you're selling. I agree this server was easy because i adapted to it, but i'm not going to adapt to an empty server, better make Lineage 2 single-player.
  4. Hello, i'm leaving aside the drama or whatever doesn't float everyone's boat right now, and i just have a simple question: does NCWest even know what is going on from a server-side perspective? Let me elaborate a bit, every response to every topic raised since the beginning leads to one simple conclusion: nobody even knows if anything is a bug or intended. Examples off the top of my head: XP 55-56, dyes, rates and the list can go on. It doesn't take a "Rick and Morty understanding" IQ to figure out that out even from the scarce responses like the one today: one day you say "does
  5. Who cares if it's KR, RU or w/e files, might as well be obvious_virus.exe running the servers, we're not devs here to worry about implementation or w/e, and nobody advertised it as KR or RU translated version. But i agree with point 4 tho, it was a crappy move to fix only 1-40ish rates to stop players from charging back (guess why you started getting delayed or failed transactions) and not state that all is intended and let us be on our way.
  6. Not really, some come from P2P, others privates, others haven't even played L2 etc., that's not a baseline.
  7. This looks like an excusable "oops, we didn't notice" that nobody can say 100% it was intentional, so you have a flame war on the forum that only amounts to nothing, they didn't put an obvious "here is a way to make adena with real $", and if the outrage is great they'll say it's a bug. These kinds of events are common in many domains and it only amounts to IG currency for those with money and frustration for those who don't like this kind of stuff, but at the end companies profit and shrug it off as an oops.
  8. I can't believe people are actually defending everything that stands as NCWest, a company making tons of $ and providing less that free service saying "yeah, take it chill, it's free to play". I don't know how you can even raise an issue on this forum without being shit on by others that have little to no stake in it. I fail to understand why the 1st comment of any of the x topics is "yeah, you clearly botted, stay banned", "all is ok, farm more", "it's f2p, nobody is forced to answer your tickets". I haven't seen any F2P service NOT tending to the basic customer support, most of them are
  9. Not enough and not at levels where i had xp scrolls, still, get killed, recover xp via scroll ... whatever ... tomato tomato
  10. Some of them are just forum warriors/troll/clueless, but others do have a point, this version of Lineage 2 is actually easy but cattle-driven, so if you accept the idea of renouncing anything you know about L2 and going with the trend, you're rich/top lvl etc. Wanna know how easy it was to git gud? Let me give you a sample: Create x chars, go to spider quest, leave them afk fishing, leave them afk in ROD for event, leave them afk for candy event. By now you should've had top bow/mage weap so mobs are 2 hits at most, start farming in FT like a piece of human trash: go into a room, say spot
  11. Is the following math ok? I pk 4 ppl, pop 1 XP scroll (should be enough for dekarm), pop 4$ worth of pk scrolls, all ok and i even have more XP + spot taken pleb. Sounds awesome!
  12. Give him a week, he'll be back on the forums.
  13. Next event boss jews + top C, crank it up a notch or no queue = no VIP.
  14. Then why all this fuss here? More posts in this Topic than it's worth imo, good luck and may RNGesus bring you a full drop
  15. Think about it this way: people see you as a train all chars hitting mobs at the same time, they report you, you get banned, you explain to the support "blabla accualy iz Dolan keyburds", they're really like "meh, tldr" and reply "we stand by our decision". That's why i'd advise you against it, people got banned for x days for less, but it's your choice, but i don't understand why you're arguing with people instead of actually doing it though, i know i'm replying out of boredom while eating right now
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