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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Dear support team and the IT guys, who are now working to resolve this issue, First of all thank you for working on the weekend to help this ungrateful crowd to play a game Dear fellow players, dont forget that this is just a game not a hospital. not a big deal if you dont play a game for few days. but the most annoying and disgusting issue is the attitude - paying for a service does not give you the right to mock, insult or in any other way rise your social status above these people. if you pay to play it means you love the game, so even if you dont get compensation - its ok to sometimes give away some money on something you love. and generally noone forces you to play this game. if you dont like a shop, go to another or stay and help with constructive advice or at least supporting words. why noone say thank to these guys for the other 250-300 days when game works normally?