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  1. I like this a lot hope you don't mind me saying are you able to do when you hit kill button have a timer going down from 30 mins would make it easier to know when to go to that location then try to do math yourself. i know it's easy math just my 2 cents.
  2. Think more its over population of server, if their chance of having que no one going log out and have to deal with it, might just people standing around or sitting around when they not on, only option is 1. more server room but same time going have less and less grind spots 2. Open another new server and have one team allow transfer VIP fast same day and get more room 3. Probably have to get another team just to do bots all day long to get more room but same time a lot or buffer chars around so talking some people have 2-6 chars on at one time, few have 2-3 some 4-6 ;p two pc's for win. 4. Ye
  3. Think more the scrolls are broken then anything else in the game, make 10kk exp just doing 2 dailys when you hit 45 which is easy with the AI quest, if you camp 50 for little bit you can save up scrolls from AI then smash all those scrolls and camp it again at 60 saving them up. Then it's choice camp 60 for while or keep leveling/ Honestly wish we didn't have scroll quest since people on forums now complaining about lack of SP -_-.
  4. Clear Mind I belive its called and you need SB for it ;p think its 40+ on casters, its nice to have I can walk and still gain mana has if I was sitting. You probably still going have a lot of down time cause skills start to cost more mana but if you wanna solo a lot make buffer char if you want to aoe party then don't really need it and just find party.
  5. Only going help with shop issues that's about it, just mean people just afk fish instead of selling shop.
  6. If you don't mind split adena or have random drops probably can find full time recharger that's active or like Spatan said make new accountant and make SO or EO but to me I say SO for empower.
  7. Don't think VIP going help to much on over populated servers heard some VIP 4 still got a que, only thing is open another server and offer transfer VIP status onto new server for people that want to transfer.
  8. Transfer not going happen anytime soon, you can send in ticket they might transfer your VIP status onto new char on new server not sure if they still doing that.
  9. Not sure what they limit at the moment but if its like old school +16 should be max nice red glow and if you're lucky you can get it.
  10. Sorry grind for you C grade gear or work on B grade, those scrolls level you up so fast that you will notice you gear sucks buttocks. Find out where the C grade drops for you and grind those until you hate yourself and everyone else. Don't forget to check luxury shop if you're lazy and have a lot of money to waste. Then next if you godly lucky and get C grade weapon you going need C grade shots ;p and depending on server you going cost good amount if someone is crafting them. Yes you going be grinding same mobs for days and pray to you're RNG god for drops or go lazy route tell someone to gri
  11. Honestly wasting time, if they ban you for botting chances of you getting accountant back is slim but doesn't mean not possible if false accused. No matter what they're not going give you any evidence no matter how much you demand and say you must prove me guilty with proof. Only people that know if you did something wrong or truly didn't is YOU and Ncsoft. Any company will not give you resources on how they found you guilty and it sucks, either you can plea or just do charge back which makes it 100% sure you won't ever get account back. Average reply to ticket was about 3-5 days, but best fi
  12. Put shots on bar some where say 3rd line set go to macro and line 1. /useshortcut 3 1 put shots on that spot then macro skill next 2. /useskill Heal now you click skill it would auto use shot for that skill. If you do this for 2 skills make sure not to click to fast or you going use skill without shots.
  13. Unless I am completely blind or can't read, I don't even see what server you're from. Gludio its gone up a lot from 2kk to 2.8kk depending how many people want to pay that high for it. Then has more people starting getting 2kk from saving up and grinding guess what they going try to buy and guess whats going up in price ;p so better hurry or hope more people get C grade weapons.
  14. Probably not enough level 3 clans to make fair auction of that clan hall, or its set up on time when its available to get a lot more people to bid.
  15. I know their been already 4 servers pick and Gludio is newest of all, curious if plan to open server called Dion not sure if someone got lucky guess on it or if they heard about it at all. Kinda want to join one with events being all over with just handing things out and hoping they open when 40+ scaling adena is fixed? Yes I played on Gluido and yes I am 40+ and yes I don't mind restarting and yes I know it has no que has of yet. That would bring in more people also and probably some finally leave other servers of over crowded they finally got tired of the que. Not like they can't merge serv
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