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  1. the worst part is that they don't even care, I mean 5 pages of posts by their community and not a single reply from @Juji or @hime.
  2. this happened a lot quicker then I assumed it would, kinda disappointing classic experience from start to finish. congrats on killing the server completely with this bullshit pendant event.
  3. @Juji @Hime Is there any chance of reconsidering the stance on Looping Macros being added to classic servers? Just curious because it seems the amount of botting happening is proving hard to stop and looping macros would basically equal the playing field for the rest of us who don't want to bot and lose our accounts. This isn't an OMG bot bot bot post, I know theres a limit to the amount of work support staff can do in their workdays, but the botting doesn't seem to be slowing down and its hard to keep up with people who are going 24/7.
  4. too bad you cant gift NCcoin on classic servers Mixa, how much of a bleeping troll do you have to be to be posting on a forum for a game you aren't even playing if you were playing classic you'd know you cant gift NCcoin here fkin idiot, go back to your cave
  5. the ones from a checkin event last 10 mins, and you have 8 of them in totally if I remember correctly. The guys at the top are gonna be fishing as much as possible and have plenty of the 1hour prophecy buffs in their inventory for when they want to use them. Don't kid yourself, its p2w having those kinds of buffs at this stage of a server where winning raidbosses is the only real way of getting better gear.
  6. how is it not pay 2 win? the 1 hour prophecy buffs that you get from it are insanely overpowered and the only way to reasonably get them is by buying the Baits with NCcoin
  7. Relax Guys all is well, they never fixed any of your problems but have no fear they added a fishing event that you can all spend money on
  8. don't waste your time playing here to be honest, server is dying fast, GM's banning people over bullshit reasons and not even trying to help figure out why or what has caused them. Also the pay to win fishing events are back making it so you have to buy NCcoin just to have a chance to keep up. Loads of people on the fence of quitting.
  9. Are they ever gonna get their shit together? I mean a week of login issues for some people and then when they try to use a VPN to login they all get banned for bullshit reasons. People losing accounts left and right that they've been purchasing loads of NCcoin on and getting banned for trumped up bullshit reasons and then getting 1 reply from GM's saying theres no more action gonna be taken its a final decision. I mean id understand if there was a reason for it but using a VPN to change your ip address so you can login to the game isn't a good reason, especially when you've literally got thous
  10. im the worst kind of people so i could care less what you think about my attitude, now crawl back into your self righteous cave and stop hijacking the thread. if i wanted comments from the common folk i would have asked, i started this thread hoping for a reply from Juji or Hime or someone who's opinion on the matter actually matters. And what does it matter about the whole believing they didnt want to provide the service? If i order a car at a dealership and they give me a bicycle should i just say well "i believe they really wanted to give me my car but all they had was a bicycle" and go abo
  11. not begging for anything, paid for a service and would like to get to use that service. if you cant see the difference then you have bigger problems.
  12. yeah because me having 5 toons ingame is really whats causing the problem....its not the 3k people afk fishing in every water source across the map...the fact that people are spending money on these items ingame is what supports the server. Anyways all you clowns go back to your circus now, the kids need to be amused.
  13. it must be really hard actually, alot of the tools that run past me the first thing they scream is "BOT".
  14. i have 2 computers, there is nothing in the rules that says that im not allowed to have 2 pc's. Just because someone has a few boxed support doesnt mean they are botting. This is a 15 year old game, im pretty sure anyone still playing knows you need buffs to play.
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