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  1. VuDu5445


    WTS/WTT adena items for giran.
  2. Hello guys. I wana ask 1 question. Do you recruiting half Cp if we can call it our selfs :D. Just wana know. And if you, then maby we can talk about such thing. PM me in game VuDu Or mail to same acc.
  3. Everyone is crying about adena Drop. Jesus guys just use your brain. U can easy obtain more adena if you do smth like, Find party and exp with 9 other ppl, istead of exping with 3 different boxes of your own and cry every single time about, that you can't get your BEST PIXELS in game.... Create CP and play with bunch other ppl for 1 goal, not upgrade your own shity Archer/Mage with your best gun and still complain about adena drop rate... Normal players do smth that need about gather as much as they can. Creating dvarf for shots. Just for freaking sake stop cry like bunch of loosers and start
  4. A bit struggle with adena, and teleports and Here we go everyone just cry. Use your brain, and not spend adena whenever you turn your head.... Event off free tp off, and everyone lose it. Just grab on your B sack, and play, Pls don't cry in whole forum, about GK price etc, Stay in adena and farm from 40 lvl till 70, there is a plenty spots.... "Stupid ppl make stupid Problems"
  5. I read almost all messages. So you mean u can't share acc with other ppl, even if you play together and when ever 1 of 2 can't play. You even can't dual box him?
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