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  1. Some times when I try get the location from PK, get message he is not online but he is! This is not a first time I have this problem. MAYBE when I used the view location function he is gone offline at same time but is so much coincidence. As you can see, he talk with me few seconds ago. picture
  2. Auto use skill

    After update the auto use buffs don't work! https://youtu.be/D_nZgSGIXtA
  3. Event XP on Saturday/Sunday?

    I've played when classic start and after a few days I stopped play. Now I'm returning to play and I need to know if are active XP event on Saturday / Sunday.
  4. In other patches I remember that it was possible to do a series of quests that started at level 18, in Gluidio with Captain Bathis (Disappeared Sakum). But it seems that in the Classic it was removed or not implemented. Can someone give me more details?