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  1. Excellent Choice but yea like said will be hard to level, but as you can have 3 game clients open i would recommend making multiple toons at the same time for easier leveling because 85 to 100+ on a tank is very fustrating to level as i figured out for myself. I would go for IssHeirophant/EvaKnight/WynnPhantomSummonor or abit more risky but faster level FeohStormScreamer.
  2. Oh SNAP! what do we have here you filthy animals, resorting to these tactics is lowest of the low, talking about doing it because of war, haha!!! GG, Steal from the poor, give to the rich. sad day indeed, to think once upon a time i had respect for LB but the more you no the more you start seeing their true colours. shameful really. They even get peoples gear at Blazing swamp . . . level 97 - 99, how does that help the war effort hahaha also instead of denying it you seem to be trying to justify it, validating this even more lol
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