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  1. Well you looks like good troll, crying about they are getting 90kk bcs they bought 350% boost while you can buy it aswell. I didnt put 1000 euros, at all I put 180 € for 4 runes, if you dont have enough € for rune too so just stop play and find a job and dont cry about something that wont be changed.
  2. I am casual player and I am 75 lvl what is your problem with crying here about getting 90kk exp? Less cry on forum more farm
  3. It looks like you are playing classic for first time and I accept it. There is different between having 3rd class and having Magic Tablets. 3rd class does not cost you anything except that time what you spend on the quest meanwhile a few skills after 3rd class ( core skills like balance, chain heal, cov/vop/pow/pof/ and etc) cost you 31 Magic Tablets + 100k adena. Problem is that if people already had 76-77 lvls before patch arrived and were able to farm new locations and try if it drops and its alread 15 days and still no one Tablet dropped there is something wrong. @Aikanaro Well I
  4. Hello, I have got information from support to make a topic about Magic Tablets on forum: Nonetheless, if you think that there could be improvements regarding the drop rate of Magical Tablets, I encourage you to post it on our official forums. From there, the Community Team will take note of it and forward it to the Dev Team for review. Your understanding is appreciated. So I want to say that Magic Tablets are not possible to drop. From collected information there is no single server that would have any of it. So I am asking how it is possible? It is 2 weeks since patch arrived,
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