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  1. You say nothing different than what i say. We just disagree as you see those things as a problem that need to be fixed but i dont. Also, my experience on L2 and on MMOS in general allow me to ASSUME how the end game will be and act beforehand and guess what!! I managed to predict most of the things until now. Also, i have many friends on 55+ both in CP'S and SOLO and of course they said its not easy but nothing extraordinary or something that we should all day cry about it in forums. I can message you names and talk with them maybe they can help you with some advises on how to raise your
  2. First of all i am not defending NCSOFT. I hate all big companies for my own reasons. What i am trying to defend here is my eyes. Second, what you mention above has nothing to do with the rates etc (Except of the lvl mobs/adena drop which is because of the 40- areas boost adena which was wrong in my opinion) But the problem with the EWC,EWD and spellbook prices hasnt to do with any balance or drop rates. Someone who has study economies can explain this better to you than me but when you have high demands you raise the prices. If there is 10000 weapons D and 500 weapons C then you have more
  3. No. The summoners i am talking about are not in constant party. They solo farm without beast soulshot and they are 53-60 lvl. My level is irrelevant to what you are trying to say and you only want to know it because you want to step on it and say "See? You are low level you cant know what 60+ is like" Well the answer to this is indeed i am 40 level with almost 3 chars and in my main i have 150 xp scrolls and 2 dimensional blessings so if i want i can be 50+ in few minutes. But the think is that i am lvl 40 atm because i forseen how lvl 60 would be if i rush on it. So i chose to
  4. You clearly dont get my point. This is how its supposed to be. Let me try and make it simplier to you. Lets say that you have a class that is doing 1000dps with 1000adena and a again a class that is doing 2000dps with 1000adena guess which class everyone would choose. So with your thinking there should be only 3 basic classes. TANK/DPS/SUPPORT with same damage output, same expenses each, same defences (per class) etc etc. Would you then be happy? Or would you cry about how poor content the L2 has? So what i am trying to say is that its all about BALANCING between classes.
  5. Please dont show them the way for free. If they dont say 'Please tell me how and sorry for my EGO that cant allow me to understand that if something isnt going my way isnt necessery wrong" dont teach them anything.
  6. Easy to answer this one. Dont use BSSD. Simple spiritshots will do the job. NCsoft pay me to praise them the same amount that Blizzard pay you to diss them if you want to play like this.
  7. Thats because the lower lvl mobs boosted and the higher level not. English isnt my mother language so you should be happy JK. Also, if you want me to teach you how to make adena just ask me. But first say Please.
  8. Hi all. Please do me a favor and stop crying about rates, xp, teleports, beast soulshots etc. Mobs drop so little adena: Adena drop is fine. Also, we have this adena boost on up to 40 lvl areas that helps you nicely up to your C grades. I remember on C1-3 that i still had d grades on my 58 lvl. Further to this profits arent only the adena drop. There are materials, key mats etc that if you handle them right and know how to market you get a nice extra income. If you manage to have top C on your 70s then you did a good job. Thats how is supposed to be. Teleports: If you
  9. Hello, we are recruiting active players 30+ (preferably Greeks but that's not a problem). Old BloodBound players pm or mail "Etc in game. Those who want to join us join us discord to talk about details etc. https://discord.gg/SCYKmt
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