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  1. Best C grade ;)

    Anyone please know for the set price approx? thank you
  2. AI xp scroll

    Hello all anyone is having SP issue after lvl 40? I have been using the AI xp scroll since I was 35, but now that I am 41, I barely got 4 new skill from lvl 40 Should I stop using these or continu to get them ? Thank you
  3. Best C grade ;)

    Hey guy’s how much cost (approx) a Karmian set on Aden server? where is the best town to buy that? (Giran I assume?) thank you
  4. Best C grade ;)

    Anyone please let me know? thank you for the help
  5. Best C grade ;)

    Hello All I am looking for what is the best C grade; 1- Weapon 2- Armor set 3- Approx. price for point 1 and 2 For either a Bishop or Prophet looking forward seeing your answer And, thanks in advance for sharing. ;))))
  6. Where to lvl at 35

    Anyone please let me know Thank you for sharing the information ^^
  7. Where to lvl at 35

    Hello Guy's Like the title say, where to level at 35? If I go solo, where should I go? (Best place with undead since i am cleric and depend on my disrupt undead nuke) If I go party, where are the best place Thank you all ^^
  8. 2 quick questions ;)

    Anyone can let me know please? thank you
  9. 2 quick questions ;)

    Hello all I got 2 questions; 1- my vip status will expire soon. I was VIP lvl 3. Once expire, I need to rebuy for 3000 ncoin to return to vip 3 or adding any ncoin will bring me back where I was? 2- At lvl 30, what is the best place to; a) solo b) party (note that I am playing as cleric) thanks all
  10. Hunter Pack

    Hello all Anyone can let me know the content of a Hunter Pack (1200ncoin)? Thanks
  11. Hello all, Could anyone let me know where should I level at 26 please? I am a cleric I have been doing Abandon camp party so far but xp is kinda slow now compare to previous level. I have to solo execution ground, which is not so bad but I always find myself running out of xp every 5 or 6 mobs. Please let me know where I should party or solo Thank you
  12. Looking for clan

    I mean looking for a clan « in the server Aden » not clan of aden thanks
  13. Looking for clan

    Hello all, I am looking for a clan of Aden. I am a level 25 cleric, will become either Bipshop or Prophet (not decided yet). I speak English or French. I am looking for a clan to level together, and do raid (stuff like that) If anyone as a spot, please let me know Looking forward meeting you in game ^^ Good Day!
  14. Just hit 25, got 2 questions

    Thanks for the reply, what about my other question? Where should I level from now on since I am 25? thanks
  15. Hello all I have been doing PT in Abandon Camp and just hit lvl 25. Could you let me know if I should continu there or go elsewhere now that I am 25? Also, I cannot make my mind as if I will go for prophet or bibshop. I seek your guidance for that thanks to all in advance