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  1. Well, I am not going back to classic. If you don't play 3 or 4 character there, it's working. It looks like the game is design toward more soloing content instead grouping with people. This is the part I like, supportive class, with real people playing tank and DD, making a real party. It sad, everyone is telling me to not waste time with this game...
  2. Ok but if I reach level 100, I could be needed (in theory) in instance or to make xp party? Or I will have hard time just to get in a party?
  3. Do you mean nobody makes real party anymore? I have to play 2 or 3 character at the same time? In classic, I used to play in raid or making xp party, it was nice. But the classic version had become not playable for a solo healer. I am not willing to make multi character, I want to play only one. Are you saying I cannot only play 1 character?
  4. Hello ! I recently (1 month ago) started to play this game in live mode (I used to be in Classic). I am trying to make my main character a Healer . So far I manage to level up to 97. I was wondering if anyone have any advise to level up please? Currently, I log and do k95, and sometime I redo it (yeah I know I buy a pass..) But it looks like this is the fasted way to level I found. Sure I am trying to do daily, like Rift, however soloing these daily is kinda boring, and I don't do enough DPS to make it go fast. What I do enjoy about this game is to be in a party, with people and be their Healer. Is there any other content to do in party (or raid?), in this game after 95? Or after that everyone just simply solo grind his stuff and are not looking to make group and go hunt stuff? Thank you all for your advise
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